Some of Us Want It Too Soon

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I’ve seen this mentality a lot but lately, I’ve been seeing more and more when  I look through the lens of social media. Wanting everything too soon is the new trend nowadays when it comes to reselling. Wanting all the sales, profits, attention and followers has become the norm now. Note the order of these 4 wants, this is important … Read More

Umm…What Happened to the Inventory Portal?

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What happened to the Inventory Portal? YOU guys happened to the Inventory Portal! But seriously, there were on average of 13 orders a day 1 week after we opened it up to the public. While that number might seem small, when you multiply it with an average of 30 pieces an order, things start to get out of hand. That … Read More

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate…

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There’s no way PrettiBone could’ve gotten to where it’s at without the power of delegating. When everything is broken down, there are more than 50 tasks, that have to be done every day. Here are just a few: Shipping Poshmark eBay Shopify Packing Poshmark eBay Shopify Emails Contact emails Valet emails Instagram Posts Messages Comments Listing Poshmark eBay Shopify Supplies buying Sorting Damages repair Shooting Photos Inventory Box Packing Steaming Inventory Buying Shipment … Read More

Changes – October 2019

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The past 3 1/2 months in my warehouse has been a crazy ride. It’s gotten so busy and tight here that I had to take out another lease for office space for the Service division alone. This post is to outline the new changes being made with the Services. Don’t worry, the changes are for the better!100 Miles an HourI … Read More

Don’t Treat Your Closet Like a One Night Stand

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Even though I’ve only been on Poshmark for a little over a year, I got the opportunity to review 100’s now with the help of my team. I’ve seen a number of beautiful closets that I’m envious of (in a good way) and MANY closets that I’m perplexed by. The later really confuses me because I’m at lost with words as to why the closet owner would present … Read More

It All Comes Down To Your Happiness

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Obvious, I know, but I’ve received too many message from some of you about you not being happy because of your sales. I’ve decided to answer this in a post so I can just send the next person that brings it up this link.NOTHING is Worth MoreYour mental health and overall happiness is second to nothing. It’s hard for me … Read More

A Quick Message To The Haters

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As PrettiBone gets more traction every day, I’ve noticed that there are more and more haters and naysayers coming out of the bushes. I see the negative comments on my social media pages, the negative comments about PrettiBone on other social media pages that people send to me. These people for some reason wants PrettiBone to go down because they … Read More

My Big Plans for PrettiBone

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As we get closer to August 23rd of 2019, I get more and more sentimental about PrettiBone and how much was accomplished in 1 year. On the outside looking in, it might seem that I have everything together but it has been a struggle to get PrettiBone to where it’s at today. Maybe someday I’ll explain the entire story behind … Read More

How to Fix a Wobbly Mannequin

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Note: I’ve only tried this method on these types of mannequins that I also recommend. This method might not work with every mannequin. I’m sure at some point your mannequin will get a little wobbly from all the abuse. I’ve been through about 8 myself and I wished I figured this out before throwing the first 4 away. This post … Read More

Always Think In Terms Of Scaling

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The goal of scaling is to get grow your business  while decreasing your marginal cost and effort as you’re growing. Doing this will sometime require a complete overhaul of your current processes. Although this might sound overwhelming, the small price you pay to do such a thing will save you from bigger headaches later on. This post will give you … Read More