How to Fix a Wobbly Mannequin

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Note: I've only tried this method on these types of mannequins that I also recommend. This method might not work with every mannequin.

I'm sure at some point your mannequin will get a little wobbly from all the abuse. I've been through about 8 myself and I wished I figured this out before throwing the first 4 away. This post is a tutorial on how to stabilize your mannequins again; doing this 5-minute tip can easily double, triple or quadruple the life of your mannequin.

This is the mannequin I'm referring to, you can get it here from Amazon


Keep In Mind

Don't do this right away when you get your mannequin, wait until it gets wobbly to try this process. The weak point of this type of mannequin is where the base of the mannequin connects to the vertical pipe.

What You Will Need

  • A screwdriver, preferably a drill with a phillips bit
  • A blade or a knife
  • 4 screws that are at least 2 inches long

The Process

1. Start off by unscrewing the mannequin from the stand rod and turning the mannequin upside down.


2. Take the blade or knife and cut a circle around the plastic base that connects to the mannequin. When you remove the cover, you'll see the plastic base is connected to the mannequin with 4 screws and glue.


3. Screw a screw between each existing screw. The screws I'm using are black to make it easier to distinguish between the existing screws and the new screws.


4. The finished product should look like the picture below. After you're done just put that mannequin back onto its rod and tighten it. ENJOY!


NOTE: You can keep doing this again and again if the mannequin gets loose. You're only limited by how many screws the black plastic base can hold!

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