Slide SELF SHARE SERVICE Repeat business is easy business,
that's why we do our best to make you sales.
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Slide There's only 2 ways this is going down... You will make at LEAST what you paid. You get a FULL refund. Getting your refund is really simple. We wouldn't want to keep money we didn't earn.

Slide We Might Already Be Friends Trust a familiar face with a real Poshmark account.
We're not some random force behind a keyboard.

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We got a lot of that...

Ask around, someone you know might be using our services.

Slide PICK A PLAN We don't measure success by the amount of shares.

We measure success by how many sales are made.

Whatever you pick, rest assured that every service comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
What Service is right for me? or Take the Quiz to find out.
2 Day $20-$25
1 Week $60 2 Weeks $100 Valet $160
2 Day $20-$25
1 Week $60
2 Week $100 Valet $160

Please reach out to us via email if you have any questions about your account or order. Correspondences via social media or text might get overlooked due to the volume of texts/social media messages.