Unfreeze Your Money

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While it’s OK to accumulate a huge collection of clothes to sell when it comes to reselling, you still have to know your limits. This can go south real fast when you finally realize how much money is just sitting dormant in your bins or shelves. This collection somehow just creeps up on you overnight it seems like. Here’s what … Read More

How to Fix a Wobbly Mannequin

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Note: I’ve only tried this method on these types of mannequins that I also recommend. This method might not work with every mannequin. I’m sure at some point your mannequin will get a little wobbly from all the abuse. I’ve been through about 8 myself and I wished I figured this out before throwing the first 4 away. This post … Read More

Clothing Pallet Buying Tips

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I’ve received a lot of questions about buying pallets lately, so I thought I might as well handle all the questions on a post. Since there’s so much to talk about and I will definitely miss some things, ask follow-up questions in the comments below. First and foremost, this post is not about where to find clothing pallets but rather … Read More

Need To Remove Product Image Backgrounds?

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This is not a paid post, in other words I make no money for this post. I just love this product so much and know that some of you guys will benefit from it. Enjoy.Ugly Background Killing Your Pictures?This product works for those that want to completely remove the background from their product shots. If you have a backdrop that … Read More

How to Pick the Perfect Poshmark Username

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Your Poshmark username is something you should be proud of and unique to you. I went through a few name changes myself before I landed on one that I knew would stick with me for a very long time, possibly forever. In this post, I will give you a rundown of why your Poshmark username is important in the long … Read More

5 Steps to Improve Every Process

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You guys hear me talk about PROCESS all the time. In this post, I will be discussing my 5 steps for improvement in all aspects of my reselling process. Let me warn you…it’s really simple.Identify the ProcessWhat is it that you’re trying to improve?List the StepsAnd I mean EVERY stepEliminate a Step if PossibleScrutinize EVERY step and ask yourself is … Read More

How to Print Multiple Labels on a Dymo 4XL

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If you have a Dymo 4XL printer, then I assume you have a good amount of sales coming in consistently to justify purchasing such a printer. A fellow Posher asked me today how I get the labels to print out back-to-back while hers was only printing out one-by-one. Here’s how I do it.InstructionsThese instructions are for Mac but I think … Read More

How to Trade On Poshmark

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Trading on Poshmark has gotten really popular, or I assume it’s getting popular because I’ve been receiving so many Trade inquiries in the past month. Whether you agree with trading or not, it’s good to know how to do so just in case you FINALLY see that dress you’ve been looking for your whole life. This post will go over … Read More

How to Make a Stationary Backdrop

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I’ve been receiving a lot of requests on how to make the backdrops I use for shooting my products on Poshmark. I’ve built 3 of these for all my shooting stations:This is a quick tutorial on how to make one.SOME THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND: This backdrop will be leaned against a wall which adds more stability About 5 feet … Read More

How to Find “Comps” on Poshmark

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What is a Comp?The word “comps” is short for comparables. When you’re finding a comp, you’re simply looking up historical sold prices for an item that is similar or exact to the one you’re selling so you’d know how much to list your item for.My OpinionI personally don’t like using comps because I think the information is very skewed, this … Read More