How to Pick the Perfect Poshmark Username

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Your Poshmark username is something you should be proud of and unique to you. I went through a few name changes myself before I landed on one that I knew would stick with me for a very long time, possibly forever. In this post, I will give you a rundown of why your Poshmark username is important in the long run and my best tip for you to pick the perfect username. Lastly, I will show you how you can change your username if you're regretting your current one.

Change is Sometimes Good

For those of you that has been with me for a while now (about 10 months) you might have noticed that my Poshmark username has changed a few times. I made the mistake of picking something random and adding a few numbers behind it as my first username. It was my favorite band along with my birth year (soundgarden89)...huge mistake. It wasn't well thought out and it wasn't catchy. So I changed it to something a little more catchy, the problem was it was too catchy. RoundRedRose was a name that I liked but didn't love. It was also a name that was a tongue twister which made it hard to remember and say, so I dropped it and landed on PrettiBone. I don't know where the idea came from but I just loved it. It was perfect in every sense especially because the Instagram and website domain was available which made it more unique. Keep this part in mind, it will be important in a bit.

Why Your Username is Important

This part might not be for everyone because I know most of us just want to sell stuff on Poshmark and go on with our lives. This part is for those that sees their Poshmark as more than just a seller account. This is for those that want to go all the way and someday making their username a BRAND! That's exactly what my intentions are and that's why I put so much thought into not just my username but an actual logo I can be proud of. If this isn't you, no worries, just stop reading. 

I believe that your Poshmark username should be scalable meaning it can be leveraged in other ways than just being a username. It's important because you want some kind of consistency for your audience so your branding can be better implanted in their minds when they see your name, in other words, it needs to be memorable. Think about your username (brand) beyond 1 and 5 years and what it can become. I can confidently see PrettiBone having its own line of clothes or even a boutique. My biggest goal is for one of the fashion houses (think Uniqlo, Forever 21) to work with me on my own collection for PrettiBone. These are the types of plans that I have for my brand and I hope you do to. But the question of "How do I choose the perfect name" still lingers; that's our next topic.

How Do I Choose the Perfect Username?

Needless to say, perfect is subjective and is almost never attainable. Either way, choosing the perfect username for me comes down to 1 simple standard. 


If the username is on a t-shirt, will it sell?


That's it! It's really that simple. This is a great standard to go by because it isolates the name with nothing backing it up. When you're thinking of a name, just simply imagine it on a shirt and ask yourself would you buy it considering there's no marketing or any other influences behind the name. Don't be naive and think that it would sell just because YOU like it, I'm asking would it sell to a person that doesn't even know you or what you represent. I'm just going to make up some names that people might have on Poshmark and you can obviously see how these names don't pass this simple test:

  • buzz2016
  • lisathrift
  • thrifttothrive
  • burksmom

I know these are weird examples and I'm sorry if I did just made up an actual name but I hope you get my point. Also, I'm sure you know that the names I just made up is not that far off from the majority of the names you see on Poshmark. I hope all of that made sense.

This is not to say that names like those above won't ever be more than just a Poshmark closet username. I'm just making the argument that it's a steeper uphill battle to get those names to be an actual brand name.

After you have chosen a name that passes the standard, make sure to check if the EXACT Instagram and website domain is available if you want to delve into these platforms (I highly recommend you do). By being on more platforms, your store will have more exposure, I know this from first-hand experience. 

How Do I Change My Username?

After you put thought into your new username, just simply email Poshmark support and ask them to change it; this is contingent on the name being available. I've done this twice already so I know it works.


If you want to share your name below for me to judge (I know, such a horrible word), feel free to do so. Keep in mind that I'm a very straight forward person so don't get offended about my opinion. After all, it's just my opinion.


29 Comments on “How to Pick the Perfect Poshmark Username”

  1. I just opened a business account on eBay with the name MKBValue613. What about MKBValue for Poshmark? I would be reselling mostly new with tags sportswear at first. I also toyed around with a pen name for awhile of Debbie Cavay; really liked it and it bears no resemblance to my real name and i never really got the writing sideline going. Your thoughts? Thanks.

    1. Hey! In my personal opinion, the name is not marketable if that’s where you’re going. I understand that some companies do become well known off of nonmarketable names but you might be making it harder on yourself. HOWEVER, if you already have good traction with “MKBValue” on eBay then I would keep it consistent. I must also mention that it’s up to you to gauge what “good traction” means. Remember, if a hat or shirt can sell with the name on it, that’s a good start.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Hi
    need help to change my closet name!! I know i can do this once it currently is @jej777 i open this account around 2016 did not start selling full time the lat year that is my kids intials lol
    really need help

    rockstar who know something i can grow with

    1. Yes Kathy, @jej777 is difficult to market but it really depends on where you’re trying to go with your reselling. If it’s just Poshmark, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. If you’re trying to do other things like a website and have real branding, a new name is in order.

  3. I have been reselling on Posh for about 8 months now. I am wanting to create and IG page just for my closet. My name is Fabiola and I would like to come up with a play on words with my name but am having a hard time coming up with something fun and catchy. So far all I have is FindsbyFab and maybe spelling it like findsxfab. Thoughts?

  4. I have been reselling for about 8 months on Posh now. I am wanting to start an IG page for my closet. I’m thinking about findsbyfab or spelling it like findsxfab. My name is Fabiola and I can’t come up with something catchy that has a play with my name . Thoughts?

    1. Amy, although the name is personal to you, if you’re looking for a more marketable (brandable) name, I would suggest something different. If you’re however just interested in reselling, this name is perfectly fine.

  5. I’m trying to start a family page. im actually selling on letgo but my friend suggested you. we sell clothes and shoes . and we want our name to do with family. but there is a problem we don’t want to reveal who we are. please help dani!

  6. CraftedLux – not taken on social, and i wanted to put a spin on “crafting” my Posh closet with a mix of craft beers on insta…thoughts??

    1. Hey Megan sorry for the delay! Is the name available on all the social media AND Poshmark? If so, I think it’s a great name because of how simple and clean it is.

  7. Hi Dani, my user name is red velvet Barrette but was to long and change it to red vel barrette and my Instagram is RedVelvet_barrette. What do you think?

  8. Hello – I came up with The Salvaged Stone, Salvaged because I am reselling used clothing and Stone because that is my maiden last name. What do you think?

  9. I am struggling between VeryHappy1 and Shondrea’s Closet and am not sure either of them would be remembered.

  10. Well my ebay store has been “quellie’s closet” for many years now. My name is raQUEl hence the “quel” in Quellie’s. But people mispronounce it as ru-kwellie. Alot of my family members call me Raquellie, so should I chance it to Raquellie’s Closet? I am raquel5099 on PM. Or should I go a whole different direction?

    1. Hey Raquel! I think because the name is hard to pronounce, it is already a bad choice if you’re going for branding. When some could get away with it, most of us cannot.

  11. Yami’s sweet find’s?
    To be honest I keep on trying to come out with a name I fell stuck.
    But for now I’m buying and investing on everything I need haven’t go life yet.

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