5 Steps to Improve Every Process

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You guys hear me talk about PROCESS all the time. In this post, I will be discussing my 5 steps for improvement in all aspects of my reselling process. Let me warn you...it's really simple.

  • Identify the Process

    What is it that you're trying to improve?

  • List the Steps

    And I mean EVERY step

  • Eliminate a Step if Possible

    Scrutinize EVERY step and ask yourself is it necessary

  • Minimize the Steps

    Can it be shortened or delegated?

  • Implement

    Put it into action!

Talk is Cheap, Here's an Example

1. I wanted to improve on my product shot process

2. Here are the steps:

  1. Sort the products by tops, bottoms, ect.
  2. Steam the products
  3. Shoot the products
  4. Take the products off the hanger and throw in the bin
  5. Transfer photos to computer

3. Not applicable

4. I realized that Poshmark's photo quality is not the best and noticed that some wrinkles did not need to be steamed because they wouldn't show up on the final listing anyway! I realized this about 4 months ago and ever since then, I only steam hard wrinkle lines. Small wrinkles don't bother me, nor does it bother the customers; the item will still sell. I can't put it into numbers but I've saved SO much time shooting my products.

5. Again, this minimization of the steaming/shooting process has been implemented for about 4 months now. I advise you to try this one out yourself.

Dive In

Don't make this complicated, just pick a process and run it through the 5 steps. I do this about every week to improved on all aspects of my reselling process. I can't tell you how much time and energy these 5 steps have saved me.  This is my secret sauce if you're wondering how I run through 1,000's of items in such a short amount of time.

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