Unfreeze Your Money

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While it's OK to accumulate a huge collection of clothes to sell when it comes to reselling, you still have to know your limits. This can go south real fast when you finally realize how much money is just sitting dormant in your bins or shelves. This collection somehow just creeps up on you overnight it seems like.

Here's what I've done on a monthly basis to keep my inventory quantity in order.

Time to Put Money Back in Your Pocket

This technique is so simple it's almost obvious but I'm sure it has slipped the minds of many. I would suggest you use a desktop to try this.

1. Pull up and download your "My Inventory Report" by clicking on your Profile Dropdown button > Order Activity > My Inventory Report.

2. Open the file with your preferred spreadsheet program, I love Google Sheets because it's FREE!

3. On the spreadsheet, highlight and delete rows 1-6.

4. Sort column "A" in ascending or "A-Z" order.

5. From here, your items are in order of oldest to newest listed. This is a good starting point to see what items are sitting (these items are good candidates to pull)

6. Pull what you would like to get rid of but try to pull items that are the same size.

7. Bundle these items up by size and sell them as a bundle. You will not get what you want for them but this will not only put money back in your pockets to buy new items that would actually sell but this will also give your closet a fresher look.

Think of this as giving your hard-earned money a second chance at-bat. 

I do this about once every 3 months and had amazing results doing so. 

Again, know your limits, this will lead you to finally make the decision to cut the fat.

*Explore local options to sell off your unwanted stale inventory, you'll save a lot more time and probably get more money.



5 Comments on “Unfreeze Your Money”

  1. Yes!! I yet and sent out OTL on everything last week on my closet (which ended in great sales) but this week I’m going to do just this and bundle same size items from stale inventory.

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