A Quick Message To The Haters

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As PrettiBone gets more traction every day, I’ve noticed that there are more and more haters and naysayers coming out of the bushes. I see the negative comments on my social media pages, the negative comments about PrettiBone on other social media pages that people send to me. These people for some reason wants PrettiBone to go down because they … Read More

You Should Stop Following PrettiBone If…

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I didn’t come into the reselling game to think, do and talk small. When I first started, I knew I wanted PrettiBone to become one of the top-earning accounts on Poshmark and other platforms to come. Deep down inside I knew that I was chasing a ghost and that ghost’s name is Linda Lightman. I find her business and operation … Read More

Push Weight Before You Push Words

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Say it with me: I will make sure my sales are bigger than my mouth I will make sure my sales are bigger than my mouth I will make sure my sales are bigger than my mouth So many of us have our carts way ahead of our horse. Please don’t make this mistake by getting it twisted that your … Read More

Poshmark’s 20% Fee…is it Fair?

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First, the Fees BreakdownTo get everyone up to speed, Poshmark’s fees are broken down as such (May 2019):1. Anything below $15 has a fixed fee of $2.952. Anything above $15 has a 20% feeThe $2.95 FeeItems sold for $3-$14 are hit with a fixed $2.95 commission fee. Note that the minimum you can sell an item for is $3 and … Read More