A Quick Message To The Haters

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As PrettiBone gets more traction every day, I've noticed that there are more and more haters and naysayers coming out of the bushes. I see the negative comments on my social media pages, the negative comments about PrettiBone on other social media pages that people send to me. These people for some reason wants PrettiBone to go down because they couldn't put in the hard work themselves to pull off what was done in the past year. 

This Was All Mapped Out Months Back

Everything that's going on is not by accident. This game plan required so much planning on the back end that it looks so seamless in the front. A negative person can't just come in and think they can bring this down. All worse case scenarios were discussed and contingency plans are ready to be deployed. Let's just put it like this, even if Poshmark terminated PrettiBone's account, I already have a workaround in place. I even planned for the unlikely case where everyone on PrettiBone's social media turns against PrettiBone.

At this point, there is nothing anyone can do to stop this train. I don't care if the haters are more popular than PrettiBone in terms of "followers" or who they know. It doesn't matter when none of those people can stop me from doing what I have planned. I don't need to be in any clique and I don't need anyone to co-sign for PrettiBone's legitimacy. I started this knowing that I needed to always be in the position where nobody can have leverage over PrettiBone, not even Poshmark.

I feel sorry that these people feel that they need to attack or bash someone's hustle just because they couldn't do it themselves. This isn't about who is the most popular nor is it about whose been around the longest. I'm playing for a different prize, it's called LEGACY. The imprint PrettiBone will have will be undeniable, I can promise you that. The haters can sit there and call me arrogant and cocky but their opinions don't matter because there is nothing that they can do to derail this project at this point. Everything is already funded and the networks are already in place. I even have people that keep me updated on what some of these haters are saying; we're beyond playing chess at this point.

Too Much Is Going On Behind the Scenes

I'm sure you've already heard that what you're seeing on social media is not everything that's going on, this situation is no different. Behind the scenes is where the magic really happens, but only a few chunks at a time will be made public. The haters are  just going to have to sit around with white knuckles and wait. 

It sucks that I came into this game with nothing but good intentions but people are trying to bring out the bad in me (that's not going to happen). My optimism trumps any negative thing that's put on my plate. I take the hate in stride by converting it into more motivation, this how you're supposed to live life by the way. 

I guess I should still thank the haters for following my journey even if it's out of hate or envy because they're just fueling me, so THANK YOU!

28 Comments on “A Quick Message To The Haters”

  1. Just found your Instagram page. So glad I did. I am getting much needed help and inspiration from your tone – love it. Thanks for sharing your journey.

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you’re enjoying the content! I’ve been lagging because so much is going on but I need to start writing more!

  2. Dani, you are in inspiration!!! I can only hope to grow like you and become the amazing woman you are. I congratulation you on your success and only wish you more in the future!! Much posh love! Jen

  3. You have helped me grow my sales so much in the last month! Just wanted to say thank you so much for your love and sharing your knowledge.

  4. Keep doing you, Dani! In the short time since I found you, you and your team have changed my trajectory considerably and I so appreciate everything you do and stand for. When you have haters, it means you are at a high level of success (and I know you are going even higher!) – there is a saying one my past coaches used to say: New level, new devil. There will always be a force of some kind to deal with, and you hit the level of success for haters to come out…and you just set them in their place. Now, onward not giving them a single ounce of energy!

    I love what you do, and while I will have a personal slow climb through the end of this year, you have given me a peek of what I can ultimately achieve for my business in 2020 and I will continue to move onward and upward!


    1. Thanks Tina!!! I love that, New Level, New Devil, I might make that into a shirt! I’m so glad PrettiBone is bringing this much inspiration to so many people!!

  5. Let em hate! Without ya, they’ll cease to exist 😉 Hard working, driven individuals are attracted to other hard working and driven individuals. The haters are just the complete opposite of what you bring to the table. You saw a service that needed to be outsourced and capitalized on it faster then they could and that just ruffled feathers. I’m all about efficiency and outsourcing so if I can free up my time and still produce a profit, I’m outsourcing it lol

    I started my PoshMark selling journey only a short month ago and so incredibly glad I found your site and your closet. I’ve already told myself to focus on product listings first to build up my inventory and looking forward to enlisting your services for Valet.

    Thank you for keeping up the momentum and drive!

  6. You are incredibly organized, calculated and determined! Don’t ever let anyone steel your thunder! Your daughter is so fortunate to have you as her role model and mamma ❤️

  7. I’m sooo glad you decided to make a blog post about this. It’s ridiculous and childish that these grown folk have to act the way they do. I am in awe of your hustle! I follow you because you inspire me, whether it’s what you are trying to do or not. You rock and I’m glad you don’t let the drama queens of posh or social media get you down! Much love and admiration beautiful lady!

  8. Success always brings out haters and na-sayers. Jealousy is ugly and thats all it is. You got this and I can see how hard you work. You are an inspiration to those of us that bust our asses to succeed. Let those that want success delivered on a silver-platter continue to hate!!

  9. You can’t do anything worthwhile in this world without attracting the haters. It is usually just insecure people scared of your potential and upset that they haven’t figured out how to achieve it themselves. You keep doing you. You’re achieving success and helping people like me along the way. Win win as far as I am concerned 🙂

  10. I for one am sadden to hear that haters are coming at you, but then again I guess they say that’s when you know you are doing it right! I know that for me you have been such a HUGE inspiration for me. (my husband even noticed, he said wow this girl really has started a fire in you huh) Not just in the kindness that you have shown me, or the advice that you give me and everyone else to, or the no bull shit straight to the point that I admire, but in the proof! you are not sitting here trying to sale some whack over priced class with a bunch of ridiculous tips but you have methods, hard work and you share that with the world. I have been more inspired since I have met you than I have ever been. I have ideas and goals and I have never followed through with them. I allowed life and self doubt get me down. but since you have challenged each of us to be our best selves I have really truly started thinking about WHAT I WANT! and that is something that I am not good at. So they can hate all they want but you will keep doing you! and I love that. that is what we are suppose to do in this life, I also admire the way you handle these haters to. I may just be one little person in this huge pile of followers etc but you have reached me and that says so much because I know for a fact that I am not the only one. I am proud of you, excited for your future and admire so many things about you. So THANK YOU! just know that among that pile of haters there are 100 times more admirers/followers and friends that appreciate you and everything you do. Happy Tuesday my Friend. 🙂

    1. Thanks Tina so much for the support! I really don’t let them get to me but somehow felt compelled to address them in a post to let them know that I’m ready for anything coming my way. I’m not a mean person by nature so I’ll just let them keep talking. ?‍♀️

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