Push Weight Before You Push Words

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Say it with me:

  • I will make sure my sales are bigger than my mouth
  • I will make sure my sales are bigger than my mouth
  • I will make sure my sales are bigger than my mouth

So many of us have our carts way ahead of our horse. Please don't make this mistake by getting it twisted that your words will make you more sales. NOTHING will make you more sales besides putting in work. It's a shame that some of us are more concerned with yapping about how well we're doing when the numbers aren't adding up. I hope they do know it's quite simple for anyone to audit their sales. Don't ask me why but I do keep tabs on people (it's not because I'm nosy, I'm just conduction my own "independent research"). 

If you feel I'm speaking with an attitude because I'm on my high horse, I'm not going to change your mind.

My problem with these types of sellers is that their advice and critique towers their sales. This👏🏽doesn't👏🏽make👏🏽sense👏🏽Gina!👏🏽

Long story short, a person told me how I should run my Poshmark closet (with an attitude) when my method has been refined over and over again till this day. This is not to say it's perfect, it's just to say it's way more effective than theirs. 

Moral of the story, before you allow anyone to get inside your head about what you're doing wrong, audit their closet first before you waste any more of your time.

This also goes for those that are pushing a social media that doesn't stack up with their sales. We have a problem with too many people trying to climb the clout mountain without climbing the work mountain first. It's really simple...sales are the lifeblood of every business. If you don't have any, that's what you need to focus on first before you focus on other people. 

Of course, I always welcome constructive criticism but there's a fine line between you doing it yourself and you just telling others to do something you wouldn't even do. If you're not in the trenches with everyone else putting in work, your words are irrelevant to me.

Remember, armchair quarterbacks will NEVER win a championship ring.

Rant over.


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