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I didn't come into the reselling game to think, do and talk small. When I first started, I knew I wanted PrettiBone to become one of the top-earning accounts on Poshmark and other platforms to come. Deep down inside I knew that I was chasing a ghost and that ghost's name is Linda Lightman. I find her business and operation to be so admirable and the last time I checked, she was doing $25 million in sales. That's about $68 thousand a day if you're about to whip out your calculator. Needless to say, that a ridiculous number, I would love just to do 1/10th of that.

Why is this Important?

INSPIRATION.  I'm so inspired by Linda that I have modeled my reselling business behind hers because success leaves clues. If someone is doing the same thing you're doing, in this case reselling, and is doing it at the highest level, why would you not strive to be even a fraction of who they are? They're essentially giving you a shortcut to success and you're not taking it with the highest gratitude. Really, the answers are out there, you just have to find your own shortcuts to those answers. 

Which Brings Me to My Main Point

Why would you still play in this reselling sandbox if all you want to do is stay small? Don't let kids and work get in the way of you making it big (I'm in the same boat with a daughter and a daytime job in Hollywood). I know you're explicitly saying that you want to stay small but your actions speak for itself. 

I'm so tired of people talking on social media about how you should go at your own pace and be happy about where you're at. All this fake pep talk from the bigger accounts that recycle quotes makes me so mad because they're just talking and they don't even know where you're at as a reseller. How can someone say that you're just fine where you're at when they haven't even seen your sales and profit numbers? These blanket statements are so inaccurate and leads people to believe that they're fine where they're at.

I see it differently. Wherever you're at in your reselling journey, just know that you can do so much more. If you're listing 10 a day, figure out how to list 100. If you're selling 2 a day, push harder so you can get to 10+ sales a day.  That's simply my advice to you, whatever you're doing, understand that you can do so much more. This core belief has taken me this far in my short 11-month journey on Poshmark and I'm sure it will work for you. 

If you can't get with this mentality, it's probably best if you just stop following me now because I'm going to be ratcheting this up REAL fast. If you are satisfied with where you're at with reselling, unfollow PrettiBone. If you think you're doing the most you can, unfollow PrettiBone. And lastly, if you're easily amused by these people posting up filtered and staged photos, definitely unfollow PrettiBone. I'm not the person you want to keep following if you fall into one of these categories. Honestly, don't even waste your time with me.

Sorry, it had to be said.

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