Don’t Treat Your Closet Like a One Night Stand

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Even though I've only been on Poshmark for a little over a year, I got the opportunity to review 100's now with the help of my team. I've seen a number of beautiful closets that I'm envious of (in a good way) and MANY closets that I'm perplexed by. The later really confuses me because I'm at lost with words as to why the closet owner would present their closet in the way that they do. This post is not to shame anyone, I'm simply just shining a light on a prevalent issue.

The Simple Truth

Reselling on Poshmark is not difficult. Yes, there's a lot of work involved but the work is not difficult. DO NOT LET ANYONE TELL YOU DIFFERENTLY. This game can be taught in less than 6 hours (trust me, I've already done this with many students) and there's no secret being withheld from you. Don't think the reason you're not getting sales has anything to do with some insider information you're not privy with. The truth is,  you're probably the reason why you're not getting sales.

Old Habits Die Hard

If you're not getting sales, I can bet at least 75% of the problem is due to your pictures looking like you just don't care when you took the photos. Here's a short list of the usual suspects:

  • Photos of clothes that are just thrown on the bed 
  • Photos with a hard tint (yellow being the most common) 
  • Only 1-2 photos
  • Exclusively using only stock photos
  • Low-quality camera
  • Over exposure
  • Too dark
  • To much random stuff in the background

Your photos are the first thing customers will judge you by. If your item is lucky enough to grace their screen but they scroll right past your item because it looks horrible, congratulations, you just wasted a chance at getting a sell. That's just sad. All that work and your item just got breezed by due to you treating your item like a one night stand. If you're just trying to get rid of stuff, feel free to do what you want since you're trying not to make a profit. But if you're in it for the long run and profit is your goal, take your time to learn how to take better photos. We all have different work situations but just throwing your items on your bed to be photographed is just negligence. 

Fixing the poor photo quality issue is quite simple and I've stated this before. You don't need an expensive camera, any smartphone camera made in the last 5 years will do.  Add on a lighting kit and a backdrop and you're on your way to getting more sales. This will fix 75% of your problems, it's really that simple.

Don't get stuck in your old ways by continuing to produce poor quality photos because "that's just how you've always been doing it." That's called ego, and that ego will cost you money every day. Ask your trusted friends, family and especially other Poshers for their opinion about your photos if you need outside feedback.

Be Realistic

If you're not putting any effort into the aesthetics of your closet, don't expect people to give your closet a second look. Aesthetics is hands down the first thing customers will notice when they're browsing for something to buy, don't take this lightly. Now I'm not saying you should have studio quality photos, I'm just saying you should know the fine line between decent and dookie. Beyond good or great photos, make sure your title is descriptive and add measurements for extra points.

That's all...I gotta get back to work.

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