Some of Us Want It Too Soon

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I've seen this mentality a lot but lately, I've been seeing more and more when  I look through the lens of social media. Wanting everything too soon is the new trend nowadays when it comes to reselling. Wanting all the sales, profits, attention and followers has become the norm now. Note the order of these 4 wants, this is important later.

What is Too Soon?

For me, the obvious sign that someone wants all the above too soon comes down to their WORK vs. WANT ratio. Ultimately, does the person's work in terms of output reflects their wanting of these 4 items:

  1.  Sales
  2. Profits
  3. Attention

I really don't care if anyone believes it or not, there is a really underlining theme going on here. Everyone can act as modest as they want about their intentions but I know the majority of us (including myself) are after these items. 

Don't get me wrong, there's NOTHING wrong about wanting these things, I'm just more concerned about what we're doing about it to attain these things.

Slipping Between the Cracks

With almost all information available for everyone about anyone when it comes to something like Poshmark, you just have to do your research to see who's really working. There's an easy way to see if those stacked boxes are empty or do they actually contain sales but I'll keep that secret to myself to see who is kosher. There's an easy way to see who's backing up their mouth on social media with actual productivity on the back end. And if you look close enough, there's also an easy way to see someone's ulterior motives. 

Let me be clear, I don't mind any of this, I just find it funny when it's not backed up with actual work. With that said, understand that a lot of people are working less than their social media makes it seem and this is just sad. My point here is to not believe what you see on social media (obviously).

My mind is blown by how hard work takes the backseat to everything in some people's eyes and how we're just letting this happen.

Here's How I See It

The list above needs a major adjustment. This adjustment can be represented with this updated list:

  4. Sales
  5. Profits
  6. Attention

Hard work should never take the backseat to anything. It should be the first thing that is mentioned when anyone speaks about you. Please let's not let the spirit of reselling die by allowing superficial things to shadow it. All those wants need to take the back seat and Hard Work needs to always be in the driver seat.

Back to My Point

Before you embark on sales, profits, attention and followers, make sure you're putting in the work first. And when I say "work", I mean a lot of it. As crazy as it sounds, don't even worry about your sales, focus on the work and the sales will come, I promise.

A lot of us want a full-time salary from reselling while putting in part-time work. Although this is possible, it is also unlikely. I've been at $5,000/month on Poshmark months ago and I will say, it took a lot of work on the back end. So if a full-time salary is your goal, be prepared to pay the price. I'm not trying to scare you into thinking the workload is impossible, I'm just telling you there is a sizable amount of work you must put in for this to happen consistently.

8 Comments on “Some of Us Want It Too Soon”

  1. I started to unfollow poshers that has staks of boxes on insta. It feels so good! We have to be more selective with a lot of things. Social media being a very important one.

    1. Nicoleta, while I do commend you for unfollowing people that do this, I must say I do it myself from time to time. It really depends on why you’re doing it. I did a purge on my “following” myself and now I’m down to less than 60 people that I follow.

  2. Thank you for this. I also believe pushing yourself daily, nightly and hourly have moved me into things I felt I could do but questioned some of it because of how fast I wanted to do it. You have motivated me in many ways and I cannot thank you enough. I started this boutique on Poshmark completely blind. I lost a lot of money which you know “how” until I got more aggressive and studied more. Now we have a brick and mortar through hard work and your Valet service which has freed me from a tablet for hours. I may be a pain and ask a lot of questions and as busy as you are I do believe you care about each of your customers,
    I can’t wait to see what you do next. You always aww me with each milestone of growth you push your company towards.

      1. Thanks for this post. I am trying to find your recommendation (in a post, I think) of a classic business book, but I can’t find it. Would you please post the author and title here? Thanks. @chromamaven

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