These are all Ad Free Recommendations

Michael E. Porter - On Competition

This book single handedly shaped my understanding of competition. I've used the principles in this book for so much other things besides business. I recommend you get every book from Michael Porter. It's not a short read but it's worth it.

Peter Thiel - Zero to One

This book has taught me how to truly think outside the box by trailblazing my own path in the reselling game. I realized to stand out, I had to really think differently. Zero to One made redefined the word "innovation" for me and I hope it does the same for you.

Michael E. Porter - Competitive Strategy

Like with every book from Michael Porter, this book is a goldmine. If you're interested to know about REAL strategy, this is the only required reading.

Steamer: PurSteam Elite Garment Steamer

I've tried a handheld steamer but the water tank capacity is too little for the volume I do so I had to move to a full size steamer. This one is really good and pumps out about 35-40 minutes of steam time. It's so good that I actually own 3.


Tape: Tape Brand Clear Packaging Shipping Tape

Honestly I buy the cheapest tape possible as long as it's 110 yards and 2 inches wide. Don't waste your money on branded tape. I use a lot of tape that's why I buy the 36 pack.

Tape Dispenser: Uline H-150 2-Inch Hand-Held Industrial Side Loading Tape Dispenser

I own a couple of these and have never replaced any of them. If you can find one at a better price, go for it, I'm sure they all work the same. I'm just recommending this one because it has never failed me.

Mannequin: Grande Juguete Female Mannequin Torso Dress Form

If you do low volume, this one is perfect and is a great price. With the volume we do, I have to replace these about 1 time ever 3 months due to how much we're putting clothes on and taking off of it. I also own 3 of these.

Sensor Tag Remover: DIYMAG 40x20mm Super Strong Neodymium Disc Magnet

This magnet is STRONG, however it's not strong enough to work on every sensor tag. For those that stubborn tags, you just need a lighter and this magnet.

Camera: Apple iTouch 6th Generation

First off, your phone camera works fine as long as it's a relatively new phone. Don't let anyone tell you any different. I just opt for the Apple iTouch because I don't want to put my personal phone through the use and abuse when shooting 1,000's of photos in a day. I also chose the iTouch becuase I can drop photos seamlessly to my MacBook via Airdrop. I also bought mine refurbished.

Fabric Shaver: Conair Fabric Defuzzer

This thing is a beast and a soldier. Mine is missing the fuzz catcher but it's still shaving like a champ.

Mailers and Boxes: USPS Supplies

I'm not a fan of spending money on shipping supplies if I can get them for free. Save your money and order yourself some FREE shipping supplies at You can also read my rant here.

Lighting Kits: ESDDI 20"X28" Softbox Photography Lighting Kit

I have no complaints about this kit. It's cheap but effective and I have a couple of sets.

Inventory Storage Bins: Greenmade 27 Gallon Bins

Simply put, Costco has the best prices on these. If you're lucky, you can get them on sale. I have hundreds of these. I wouldn't get them anywhere but Costco but here's a link to show you how they look like.

Label Printer: DYMO LabelWriter 4XL Thermal Label Printer

If you can find this elsewhere for cheaper, go for it. I got both of mine from eBay. Whatever you do, don't buy it from unless they're having a 99% off sale. This printer will cut down your shipping time dramatically when you start doing volume. I own 2 because I have 1 as backup, yes it's that serious. You can read my in depth review here.

Printer Labels: AmazonBasics Multi-Purpose Labels for Label Printers

Generic labels works fine and I've always bought generic printer labels. Don't pay $37 at when you can get the same thing for 1/8 of the price elsewhere. As far as "voiding" the label printer because you used a generic label goes, I think it's a bunch of bull. Go with the generic labels like the ones made by Amazon Basics.

Grandma's Secret Spot Remover

I wouldn't be surprised if this stain remover contains some kind of VooDoo. Sometimes you have to be patient but Grandma's Secret Spot Remover took off grease with 2 applications...GREASE! Apply, wait 5 mins, dab then wipe is the process I use to take off grease, pen marks and other random stains on clothes.

Tagger Gun

Sooner or later you WILL run into a situation where a tag on your NWT item accidentally falls off. A tagging gun is the solution to this. I would buy both clear and black barb fasteners refills to accomodate to the original barb color. Don't pay more than $15 for this including fasteners.

OxiClean MaxForce Gel Stick

When I'm thrifting, there are times when I find a really nice piece with a couple of stains. Instead of wondering if the stains might come out in a wash, I'm usually fairly confident they will thanks to this pre-wash stain remover. Once in a while I might run across a stain that this gel stick won't work on but for the most part, it help takes off A LOT of stains.