Yes, a Dymo Printer is Worth It

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This Is Not a Sponsored Post

Dymo is not paying me for this post. With that said I do have an Amazon link for the Dymo that I make a small commission from if you do choose to use it.

My Take On Dymo

First and foremost I believe Dymo printers are wonderful products. Sure they jam from time to time but I'm satisfied with all the printers I've purchased from them. In this post, I'll specifically be talking about the Dymo 4XL printer, the printer that's used for Poshmark shipping label printing.

Who Needs It

If you are printing more than 10 labels every time you ship, I highly recommend you get a Dymo 4XL or any other printer that accommodates to Poshmark labels. I'm recommending the Dymo because that's the only brand that I've used. If you've never used a thermal printer before for your Poshmark labels, it's hard for me to explain how much quicker your shipping process will be. 

If you're currently using an inkjet printer or laser printer, you usually will have to cut the labels down to size. The benefit of thermal printers is that they're already the size they're supposed to be which is 4x6 inches. Also, since they're thermal printers, you will NEVER need to buy ink. With that said, you do however have to purchase thermal labels but they're not expensive if you know where to buy them.

The Con

There's only 1 thing I don't like about the Dymo 4XL printer however. Once in a blue moon it will jam for whatever reason but it's an easy fix. To be fair, it usually jams because I placed the paper in the feed at an incorrect angle, so I guess it's my fault. Then again, I don't think there's a printer out there that doesn't jam.

Where to Buy

I suggest you first check out ebay to see if you can get a better price for the Dymo 4XL printer. However, Amazon does have it at a great price along with the labels.

Dymo 4XL Thermal Printer

AmazonBasics Multi-Purpose Labels

Proof I Use it Myself

I would never recommend you guys anything I don't use myself. As a matter of fact, I have 2 just in case the first one is ever out of commission. Yes, it's that serious.


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