Umm…What Happened to the Inventory Portal?

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What happened to the Inventory Portal? YOU guys happened to the Inventory Portal!

But seriously, there were on average of 13 orders a day 1 week after we opened it up to the public. While that number might seem small, when you multiply it with an average of 30 pieces an order, things start to get out of hand. That works out to close to 400 pieces of clothing going out the door every day! There's actually some orders that still need to get shipped out so don't worry if you're wondering where your order is.


When about 400 pieces are leaving our office every day, the discussion of whether we can keep up with it has to be addressed. We talked about this issue back and forth during meetings and realized that it was not possible for us to sustain that kind of volume, not  at this time at least. You have to understand that we're currently trying to process all of this within the same 3,000 square foot warehouse that we're processing items for Poshmark and ebay. The biggest impending problem with this kind of volume is its hindrance to our future plans with the PrettiBone Thrift Store(s). I've never said this before, but we've been building a huge war chest of inventory on the back-end that will make sense about 8 months from now. 

Needless to say, we're so damn thankful for the success of the Inventory Portal but ironically, its success was also its downfall. Sounds weird...I know.

Lastly, if you're wondering, the Inventory Portal will be converted into our very own e-commerce version of the Thrift Store. This will lay down the foundation for the Thrift Store(s) success. This will all play out in 2020 hopefully.

Thanks again, everyone!


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