Delegate, Delegate, Delegate…

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There’s no way PrettiBone could’ve gotten to where it’s at without the power of delegating. When everything is broken down, there are more than 50 tasks, that have to be done every day. Here are just a few: Shipping Poshmark eBay Shopify Packing Poshmark eBay Shopify Emails Contact emails Valet emails Instagram Posts Messages Comments Listing Poshmark eBay Shopify Supplies buying Sorting Damages repair Shooting Photos Inventory Box Packing Steaming Inventory Buying Shipment … Read More

Always Think In Terms Of Scaling

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The goal of scaling is to get grow your business  while decreasing your marginal cost and effort as you’re growing. Doing this will sometime require a complete overhaul of your current processes. Although this might sound overwhelming, the small price you pay to do such a thing will save you from bigger headaches later on. This post will give you … Read More

You’re Probably Sharing Your Closet Wrong

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Selling on Poshmark creates anxiety for a lot of people because they’re probably wondering if what they’re doing is increasing their chances of making more sales. Unfortunately, to know all the ins and outs of Poshmark would require the knowledge of Poshmark’s algorithm. A few of us claim that we know the algorithm but I think those people are delusional. … Read More

How I Look at Profits

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This post is for Poshers that want to build something substantial. If you’re just “dabbling”, this post isn’t for you. With all that money you’re making on Poshmark or any other reselling platform, really ask yourself what you’re going to do with the money. Squandering it on material items, being a responsible adult and putting it toward bills or reinvesting … Read More

Myth: The Season Dictates What You Sell

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To say this post is a highly requested one is an understatement. This post is important because many of you are holding back your money by not sourcing for clothes to sell that are not in the appropriate  season. For example, you might stay away from heavy jackets because we’re in the middle of the summer. From my personal experience … Read More

Always Show Up

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You’ve probably heard it before but showing up is probably the most important thing you can do. With Poshmark, there will be times when you don’t want to get in the game. This is a huge mistake that many of us probably make due to the excuses we make up  in our minds. This post will dive deeper into why … Read More

Taking a Step Back

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With all the growth and changes that Prettibone is going through, I sometimes forget that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for most of us on Poshmark. Not everyone makes sales every day or even every week. Not everyone has the same sourcing opportunities. And lastly, not everyone will make it out of this reselling game successfully. It’s depressing to … Read More

Are You a Serious Reseller or a Hobbyist?

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In reselling, I believe you’re either a serious reseller or you’re a hobbyist. The funny part is, everyone thinks they get to decide which one out of the two they are. The problem with that is  EVERYONE can claim they’re a serious reseller, and they would be right if we’re going off of that standard. Hopefully, you caught the major … Read More

Keep Buying Inventory

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List, List, List, is an important principle if you want to sell more. It’s really simple, you can’t sell what you didn’t list, duh! While some people choose to list less for whatever reason, I choose to make it my number 1 concern when it comes to my day-to-day activity as a reseller. With that being said, I realized yesterday … Read More

Sell So Much That a Case Won’t Ruin Your Day

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I’m not telling you to get sloppy with your listings or rude to your customers. I’m just encouraging you to get to a level where a return case, or two,  won’t phase you.What Happened Today2 cases were opened against me today. Whenever I do receive a case, it’s only just 1 per day max, so I guess today was a … Read More