Taking a Step Back

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With all the growth and changes that Prettibone is going through, I sometimes forget that it's not all sunshine and rainbows for most of us on Poshmark. Not everyone makes sales every day or even every week. Not everyone has the same sourcing opportunities. And lastly, not everyone will make it out of this reselling game successfully. It's depressing to think about because I know how bad everyone wants to make it, trust me, I used to be there. 

I Know the Struggle

When I first started, not a lot of things made sense to me about Poshmark. Where were these people getting all of these clothes to resell? How are they able to find all these gems from the Goodwill Bins? How is this person able to sell this piece for this much but mine sold for only a fraction of what theirs sold for? The more I thought about it, the more I became frustrated at myself for not picking up on what these people were doing right. It really came to the point where I was about to liquidate everything and play in another sandbox.

Believe me, I know what the struggle feels like when it comes to reselling. What kept me in the game was my desperation. I was desperate to find something that will make me financially stable in the long run--I'm sure that's what most of us are here for. For those of you that are feeling that you're not getting any traction on your reselling journey, understand that it's doable, I'm living proof of it. It won't be easy but by following a few principles, I promise you will make it. When I say "make it" I'm not talking about 2-4 sales a day, I'm talking about $1000+ a day.

Why Not You?

Let's put something into perspective, I must warn you first that this will get brutal. I believe that when it's all said and done, only 1 out of probably 1000 Poshmark accounts can truly be considered successful. This means that those accounts are operating at a level where a lot of sales are happening rain or shine. This also means that many of us won't make it, I know, it sucks. BUT here's the good news, those 1 accounts out of 1000 are not predetermined! This means that you can be that 1 account, it comes down to how bad you want it. And for those that are thinking "success is what you decide it to be", you're totally missing the point and will never be able to reach your full potential. No person that has built a big business has ever uttered those words because they know success is bigger than what they can comprehend at that current time. In other words, we all have way more room to grow than what we think is possible. THIS is the beauty in all of this!

*If you're wondering, I'm basing the 1000 number off of all the accounts I've clicked on and mentally inventoried. Yes, I do a lot of scouting and research.

I'm Barely Warmed Up

A lot of people on social media have given me so many praises for what I've done in the last 11 months but the truth is, I still don't consider myself a success story, yet. I don't say that to be bashful, I just truly mean it. I will only take possession of that 1 account out of 1000 status when my endgame is realized. This will require me to eventually move into a 50,000+ square foot warehouse for me to operate at full scale.


I want to leave you with this...

If you are currently feeling that you're not growing and are not getting any sales, understand that A LOT of people are in the same boat (I receive too many Private Messages for me not to know this by now). Don't let social media tell you differently. The filtered photos of their perfect reselling lives don't fool me and I hope you feel the same. Understand that feeling lost is part of the journey, the trick is not to be lost forever. Learn new techniques, put your ego to the side and take advice from people that are inspiring you and lastly, don't forget that this marathon will eventually end. The last part is bitter-sweet because knowing that there's an expiration date to all of this will motivate you even more. For me it will be about 5 years before I move onto something new but who knows what the future holds.

I want to lastly thank you to take the time to read this post, this is one of the more important ones I've written. 

Now go kill that damn death pile. 

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