No, Poshmark’s New Home Market is Not a Good Thing

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Poshmark had a really good thing going. Prior to May 30, 2019, they were focused on having a platform that exclusively catered to women’s, men’s and kid’s clothing. Now with the addition of the “Home” category, I’m not sure if I feel the same way. Don’t get me wrong, those that we’re already making money on Poshmark is not at … Read More

From $3,000 to $175,756 in Inventory

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I started my journey on Poshmark by putting aside $3,000 to buy inventory. Lucky for me, I already have an iPhone to shoot my products and a laptop to list my inventory. This post will give you an idea of how I amassed so much inventory in such a short amount of time.My First BuyI was searching high and low … Read More

What’s Your Exit Strategy With Reselling?

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None of us will ever get younger. As we grow with age, we have to ask ourselves how are we going to wind down. As a reseller, it’s tough because we will have to one day ask ourselves, “How will this show go on without me?” This is important because we have to set ourselves up for when that time … Read More

Why Are My Items Not Selling?

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1 month goes by, 2 months passes and then 1 season wraps ups and…crickets. The item you thought would sell in days if not a week has been sitting for months. You did everything in your power to set this item up for success and now it’s just taking up valuable storage room. Let’s go through some possible reasons as … Read More

Hate to Break it to Ya, We All Work for Poshmark

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Let Me Explain Before all the Poshbosses Get MadI understand at first glance it might seem that every seller on Poshmark is their own “boss” but let’s look at this pragmatically. I bring this up because the sooner you accept this, the sooner you’ll plan accordingly to set yourself up to one day breaking away from the platform just in … Read More

Why Quantity of Listings Matter…A Lot

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Does having more items get you more sales? Should you have fewer items with higher margin or more items with lower margins? Luckily there’s an in between area and that’s where I like to be.2 Schools, 1 GoalOn the surface, there seems to be to groups that you can divide Poshmark sellers in.1. Low Listings/High Margins2. High Listings/Low Margins I … Read More