Why Are My Items Not Selling?

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1 month goes by, 2 months passes and then 1 season wraps ups and...crickets. The item you thought would sell in days if not a week has been sitting for months. You did everything in your power to set this item up for success and now it's just taking up valuable storage room. Let's go through some possible reasons as to why your item isn't selling.

The Market Simply Don't Want Your Item

Even though this hypothesis is practically unfalsifiable because it's so difficult to measure, I still strongly believe that some items are just not sought after. Of course there might be a few people on Poshmark that like the item and are willing to buy it but factors such as shipping, size and budgeting issues prevents them from buying the item. For example, a $5 piece with a $6.79 shipping price will deter someone from buying that item. But understand that at the end of the day, the item you have is not going to sell simply because nobody is not interested in it.

You're Not Reaching the Right People

Of course, you can just list and item and it will eventually get discovered by the right person to purchase it but sometimes, they'll never see it because they never saw it. Since the Poshmark platform has new products uploaded every second, it's sometimes hard for you to find those people or for them to find you.

Sidebar Tip: Here's how I find the right people for my items:
1. Search the brand of your unsold item in the Poshmark search bar
2. Filter by size so it's the same size as your item
3. Click on an item that has a respectable amount of likes
4. Follow everyone that comments or likes that item
5. Hopefully they'll follow you back and when you share the item, they might see it

I know this sounds like a lot of stars have to align for you to get their attention but this might better the chances of having the right eyes on your item and I find this to really work for me.

Your Pictures Don't Do the Item Justice

Alright, this section right here deserves its own post, a post I'll make in the future. In the meantime, let's just say some pictures I see on Poshmark makes me think that you shot the item using a toaster. That's not to say I myself don't have photos I'm not proud of, I'm trying to improve every week with new techniques and new equipment. My point is some of us don't put in the slightest amount of effort when photographing our products. Give your pictures more thought and maybe potential customers will give your item more consideration. Also, a bad photo will also leave room for more negotiation on the customers end than you'd like.

The Item is Priced Too High

Although searching up comps for similar items is not always accurate, it's a quick tool to know if you're even in the ballpark. I've seen some items listed at a price that's 4-5 times more what the item is worth. I give you Exhibit A:


Trippin', this piece is worth $5 at best. Note the picture...

Unless it was worn by Jimi Hendrix on his last tour, this bad boy has no chance of selling. I understand this is an extreme example but these things happen. My point is, try to stay within the ballpark, add a couple dollars if you want for negotiation but be realistic. Also, when you price too high, people might not even counter because they might just think you will not meet close to their price.

Your Rating/Ship Time is Below Standards

This is a tough one because you're caught in a Catch-22. If you have poor performance numbers, how do you increase it if people are not buying from you due to your poor performance numbers? You CAN continue to hope everyday you get a sale but I would just make a totally new closet. This time around, please mind your performance metrics. As far as ratings goes, a lot of us are lucky that these ratings aren't public information.

Knock, Knock...Nobody is Home

I have a HUGE problem with this one because I get about 30 questions a day and it's difficult for me to fit these questions into my routine. Answer your customers' questions in a timely manner. The fact they're asking questions is enough to tell you they're interested, it's up to you to do your part to close the deal.

You Don't Have Enough Items

A standard I go by when it comes to selling is my 1%/2% rule I came up with. I try to do everything I can to sell 1% of my inventory a day while replenishing it with 2%. In other words, if you have 100 items, expect to sell 1 item a day on average. But if you have, let's say 30 items, you will be selling .3 of an item using my 1%/2% standard. This would mean it should take you more than 3 days to make 1 sale with a 30 item closet. Here's a post I did about why I believe in large closets, you can read it here.

Your Item Lacks Description

Understand that not everyone will ask you a question in the comments. Whether they're just impulse buying, they're introverts or they lack the patience, you're really missing out on these possible customers by making them do more work by asking their questions. I understand asking a question is fast and simple but you have to understand some people just don't ask questions. This same logic goes for YouTube, some people just don't comment while other have multiple threads going on. Don't leave this one up to chance. Describe and measure out your items to provided them with enough information for them to make the purchase without further assistance from you.

Share Your Damn Items!

If you're going through a sales slum or you're just not getting sales period, sharing your closet should be the first thing you should do. Don't share other people's closets, help yourself out first. Remember, you can't help anyone out unless you're in a good place yourself. People might think this sounds selfish but they're wrong. PERIOD. If I was a Poshmark Doctor, I would equate self sharing to making sure you are drinking enough water. 

It's Your Turn

These are only 9 reasons I can think of right now that might explain why your item isn't selling. If you have others, leave a comment below or post it here on the Community forum.

6 Comments on “Why Are My Items Not Selling?”

  1. Do you find your B3G2 Free promo really successful? I have an ongoing 4/$20 promo going for most items $14 or under maybe even more or items that have been sitting awhile and I find that I get some sales from them but mostly people trying to lowball me even more and I’m not willing to just give the stuff away, I’d rather donate it for a write off to be honest. I’ve been thinking of doing a promo more like yours. Any advice for more sales would be appreciated.

    1. Yes my B3G2 Free on everything $14 and below does well. I sell about 3 a day and just had a 15 piece bundle this past week. I think that since the price is so low already I would not budge. There will always be lowballers that will not meet you at the $20 price tag, forget about those people. Then there are lowballers that will eventually give in because they know on your end you’re not budging, those are the customers you’re looking for. I can say from experience that more often then not, if you stand your ground, especially with this $20 deal because it’s so cheap, then they will give in. Hope that helps!

  2. Thank you ! I seriously thought you Had To Share Their Closet . There’s items in there closet I wouldn’t wear myself.

  3. Dani, I’m loving your blog posts! Thanks so much for sharing so many great tips! I will visit on the regular 🙂

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