You’re Probably Sharing Your Closet Wrong

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Selling on Poshmark creates anxiety for a lot of people because they're probably wondering if what they're doing is increasing their chances of making more sales. Unfortunately, to know all the ins and outs of Poshmark would require the knowledge of Poshmark's algorithm. A few of us claim that we know the algorithm but I think those people are delusional. Although I'm not privy to the algorithm myself, I do however understand logic.

You're Not Asking the Right Questions

I've had so many people ask me in the comments section "how many times do you share your closet a day?" I assume they're asking this because my closet is relatively big compared to most (8,200+ active listings). The problem with this question is that it's a loaded question. They're assuming that I share EVERY item in my closet. The better question they should be asking is "what items do you share from your closet?" The truth is, I do not share my entire closet, there's just no way I can do that effectively due to number of items. And since sharing more items requires more time, which is a finite resource, I had to get smarter with my sharing. By smarter, I had to pick and choose which items to share rather than just sharing the entire closet. This technique, however, does not just work for larger closets (1000+ items), it also works and makes sense for smaller closets.

Not All Sharing is Created Equal

When you take a look at your Poshmark closet, do you really think all of your items have the same chances of being sold? I hope you can be objective enough to realize that some of your items are better than others. If that's the case then why would you spend your time sharing items that have a lower chance of selling? Sure you might feel good knowing that you gave that subpar item its fair amount of exposure, but you're wasting time in the process of doing so. 

Let's look at this using a real-life example. When you're walking through the mall, notice the items that are on display in the front-facing windows. Do you think random items are on display or do you think the retailers put the more attractive items that have the highest chances of getting you (the customer) in the door? I hope this is starting to make more sense. In this example, the retailer only has a finite amount of window space (this is analogous to your finite time) so they're only going to display items they feel will have the highest conversion (you actually entering the store). And when you're  in their store, only then will you sell all of their other offerings. So if this logic works in real life, then why would it not also work with your Poshmark closet?

What I'm saying is for you to only share items that have the highest chances of people clicking into your closet. From there, they can roam around for more stuff to buy that wasn't "on display". This right here is a huge reason why I get as many bundles as I do.

Sure, it Looks Nice...But What Else?

Some of you stay away from this selective sharing method because you want your closet to "flow". You want your closet to be in a certain order, whether it's by category, sex or color, so it can look nice. Hate to break it to you but there's a filter menu for that very purpose. Go to any e-commerce website and let me know if they present their items in the same way as you do. That same amount of time you're wasting to make your closet flow could be better spent on learning about your closet to understand which items have a better conversion.

I say this because to employ the selective sharing method, you're closet will be all over the place, but like I said there are filters for that very purpose.

How Do I Know What Items to Share?

The answer is I don't know because I don't have your closet right in front of me to know what I'm dealing with. I would have to know your products and how they rank amongst one another to point out the ones that should be shared. Sorry I couldn't give you a better answer.

Where To Start

Every one of my Valet clients can probably guess by now that I do not share EVERYTHING from their closet. My team will spend up to an entire week scrolling here and there through their account to get a better grasp of what they're selling AND what they've sold. While this can be time-consuming, we believe it's worth it considering all the time we'll save from not sharing low conversion items in the future.

Taking a look at your closet and scroll through the ENTIRE thing, don't be lazy about this part. Now ask yourself if you are shopping on Poshmark, what items will pop out to you. Consider variables such a picture quality, price, and even brand. This is where you should start and write down as many notes as you need. Again, this boring task will save you so much time in the future when you know your closet well enough that selective sharing just becomes intuitive. 

Go give it a shot, thank me later.

13 Comments on “You’re Probably Sharing Your Closet Wrong”

  1. I am trying to increase my sales what The best way for me to start how can I access share service I work long hours at my full time job it’s to share every day

    1. Hey Charmaine, the service link is or can be found in the navigation. The BEST thing to increase sales is to list more items. The second best thing to do is to share your closet. This is provided that your closet contains items that people actually want t buy.

    1. Keeping up with the time of parties is too much for me. I’d rather focus on building a follower list that is relevant to my items and self-share. If I see a party happening, I might join but I don’t make it a point to.

  2. I love this post. I have heard those that espouse the sharing your whole closet theory is the way to go. However, I have long wondered if that is really the best way. Things to really try and see how it works out.

  3. Dani, this blog was needed for me to read theism and get my enthusiasm back up about sharing. Jenny, that was my first thought too or an item thats having a little more activity lately (likes, comments and shares). Off I go to give this a try

  4. Love this Dani! Would it be safe to say sharing the most liked items would be a good place to start?

    1. Jenny, first off, I think PM needs to have a “sort by likes” button so sellers can know what products are getting love and what aren’t. Second, I never thought of sharing the most liked products first but that is a great idea! I would have to try that on my end and I definitely think it’s a good starting point.

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