Myth: The Season Dictates What You Sell

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To say this post is a highly requested one is an understatement. This post is important because many of you are holding back your money by not sourcing for clothes to sell that are not in the appropriate  season. For example, you might stay away from heavy jackets because we're in the middle of the summer. From my personal experience and using a little of logic, I think this belief is completely bogus. Let me explain.

Let's Look at this Logically

Here are a few reasons why you should not shun away from buying clothing that are not season appropriate.

1. They might be on sale! The places you're getting your inventory from might be having a sale on winter clothes since we're right in the middle of summer.

2. Just because it's cold/hot where you're at doesn't mean it's cold/hot where your customers are at. This isn't about you, remember that. Even though I live in  California where the sun don't stop for nobody, some folks in Washington might be experiencing gloom and rain for months out of the year.

3. People always buy clothes just to store it for when the time is right. I'm sure you do the same

4. People will buy if the price is right! Nobody can pass up a nice North Face jacket if it's at the right price no matter the season.

5. Other people don't always dress like you do. How often do you see someone wearing a beanie on a scorching day? I know it makes no sense to you but it does to them. Again, it's not about you.

6. If the majority of sellers believes you shouldn't be selling non season appropriate clothing but you are, then congratulations, you're going to be 1 of the few suppliers in the market.

If the 6 reasons above are not enough to convince you to buy out of season clothes to sell, I don't know what will. Really guys, if you're a seller, then sell! I'm not telling you to go out there and grab everything to sell, I'm just suggesting that you tone down your sourcing filters a bit when it comes to clothes that are not appropriate for the season. If you see a really nice bikini set during the winter time, top and give it a fair assessment. Don't breeze right past it because I'll be the person that will pick it up right where you left it.

My Experience

Needless to say, I myself have sold many items that are not "season appropriate". My closet as everything from winter jackets to bikinis, and they all sell. I don't know what the stats on this matter is but I really don't care because I'm basing my opinion on real-world experience. This myth is almost on par with the one about inventory quantity and I'm here say they're both bogus. 

One last thing...just because something doesn't sell for someone doesn't mean it won't sell for you. How many times have you seen people in the comments saying "this doesn't sell for me" while another person's experience contradicts that same statement?

At the end of the day, find what works for you and don't take anyone's words as gospel. I know I don't and it has worked wonders for me.

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