Always Show Up

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You’ve probably heard it before but showing up is probably the most important thing you can do. With Poshmark, there will be times when you don’t want to get in the game. This is a huge mistake that many of us probably make due to the excuses we make up  in our minds. This post will dive deeper into why … Read More

Making $100,000 a Year on Poshmark

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To be clear, I’m talking about $100,000 AFTER Poshmark’s 20% fee. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you made $100,000 just because your sales said so, I’m talking about $100,000 gross profit before the cost of goods sold. Put differently, you need to make $125,000 just to walk away with the $100,000 number. Is it possible? Of course. Is it … Read More

Mindset: Stop Saying This

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I’ve been seeing this for a while now and it’s still happening. Let me know if this sounds familiar, “I’m doing well for a side hustle” or “I’m doing well for just starting out” or any variation of those statements. Statements like these are detrimental to your mindset because it’s limiting. The thing is, when someone makes statements like these, … Read More

Mindset: If You Sold 100 Items Today…

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I was listing the other day and for some reason, a really interesting question popped on my mind that I would like to ask you guys… If you got 100 sales from your Poshmark closet today, will you be able to ship it all out the same day? Of course you can, it’s 100 sales!!! My follow-up question is…Then why … Read More