Sell So Much That a Case Won’t Ruin Your Day

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I'm not telling you to get sloppy with your listings or rude to your customers. I'm just encouraging you to get to a level where a return case, or two,  won't phase you.

What Happened Today

2 cases were opened against me today. Whenever I do receive a case, it's only just 1 per day max, so I guess today was a special day. Understand no matter how well or accurate your listing and description were written, there will always be people opening cases against you, obviously. If something like an open case ruins your day or even your hour, I think it's because you're looking at it the wrong way.

The Way I See It

Like I stated above, open cases WILL happen, nobody is immune to it. After more than 3,000 items sold, I believe I had about 16 cases that we're brought up against me, some of which were legitimate and totally my fault. While I did win about half of those cases,  I didn't really care at the end of the day because it's about perspective. 

The way I see it, I just have to work hard enough to where the consistent sales just make you not even care about cases when they do happen. That's not to say don't defend yourself if you're in the right, I'm just saying that you can't please everyone. Understanding that combined with the consistency of your sales will make you realize that it's just the cost of doing business. Just state your side of the argument and let Poshmark settle it how they want to settle it and move on.

I guess the trick here is how do you get to that point to where cases don't bother you. Simply put, that's not for me to answer and for you to figure out for yourself. What I can say is you'll know when you're in a good place when cases don't affect you.


Back-2-Back Case Champ!

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