It All Comes Down To Your Happiness

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Obvious, I know, but I've received too many message from some of you about you not being happy because of your sales. I've decided to answer this in a post so I can just send the next person that brings it up this link.

NOTHING is Worth More

Your mental health and overall happiness is second to nothing. It's hard for me to reply to anyone that tells me about their situation and it sucks because I feel there's nothing I can really do about it because I don't 100% about their situation. At the end of the day, this reselling game can be really depressing when you don't have the right traction. I know how it feels because in the beginning I busted my butt sourcing, listing and sharing and the results didn't reflect that. This down feeling can soon turn into depression when you're seeing other people make sales and you're wondering what the hell is wrong with you and your method?

What I can say is that it takes a bit of time to get things rolling. Maybe your products are not in demand or your listings don't do your products justice. In reality, there's a whole list of reasons as to why you're feeling down when you're looking at your sales numbers. I think at the end of the day, if you're constantly feeling this way, I would take a step back and ask yourself is it time to move on to something new and more exciting that will fit you. Life isn't all about reselling and even if it was, your happiness still matters more than reselling.

Again, I highly suggest you take a step back and ask yourself if this is for you. It doesn't mean you're less of a person, it just simply means this might not be for you! Hell, if you threw me into a sport like baseball, I'll eventually get to my low point because I know there's no way in hell I can hit a fast ball. That's just not how I'm built. If this reselling game didn't make me happy, believe me, I would've left 8 months ago when my sales were non-existent.

This post is a short one because I just want to get to the point:





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  1. Pretti that’s true your happiness matters. I sell handmade kids stuff that didn’t work. I create handmade bag,aprons and that didn’t work either. Now, I am part time reseller it’s working I think πŸ™‚ so I think this reselling thing is for me lol! I am planning to be a full time reseller. Thank you for your post it pushes me to work hard again.

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