Mindset: Stop Saying This

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I’ve been seeing this for a while now and it’s still happening. Let me know if this sounds familiar, “I’m doing well for a side hustle” or “I’m doing well for just starting out” or any variation of those statements. Statements like these are detrimental to your mindset because it’s limiting. The thing is, when someone makes statements like these, … Read More

Mindset: If You Sold 100 Items Today…

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I was listing the other day and for some reason, a really interesting question popped on my mind that I would like to ask you guys… If you got 100 sales from your Poshmark closet today, will you be able to ship it all out the same day? Of course you can, it’s 100 sales!!! My follow-up question is…Then why … Read More

No, Poshmark’s New Home Market is Not a Good Thing

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Poshmark had a really good thing going. Prior to May 30, 2019, they were focused on having a platform that exclusively catered to women’s, men’s and kid’s clothing. Now with the addition of the “Home” category, I’m not sure if I feel the same way. Don’t get me wrong, those that we’re already making money on Poshmark is not at … Read More

How to Find “Comps” on Poshmark

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What is a Comp? The word “comps” is short for comparables. When you’re finding a comp, you’re simply looking up historical sold prices for an item that is similar or exact to the one you’re selling so you’d know how much to list your item for. My Opinion I personally don’t like using comps because I think the information is … Read More

How to Cancel an Offer as a Seller

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The last offer you sent out got you looking like the pug above? Filled with regret and hopelessness? We’ve all been there as sellers on Poshmark. You have an active offer but you want to retract it for whatever reason. Some of these reasons may be: Your finger pressed the wrong digit You’re cross-listing and the item sold on a … Read More

The Biggest Reason Why Having A Lot of Inventory Is Important

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Although I did write a previous post that touches on this topic, I decided to leave the last and biggest advantage of having a lot of inventory out on purpose. I felt that this reason deserves its own post because this reason alone might change your perspective on inventory quantity.  Some Important Thoughts I see a lot of resellers out … Read More

From $3,000 to $175,756 in Inventory

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I started my journey on Poshmark by putting aside $3,000 to buy inventory. Lucky for me, I already have an iPhone to shoot my products and a laptop to list my inventory. This post will give you an idea of how I amassed so much inventory in such a short amount of time. My First Buy I was searching high … Read More

What’s Your Exit Strategy With Reselling?

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None of us will ever get younger. As we grow with age, we have to ask ourselves how are we going to wind down. As a reseller, it’s tough because we will have to one day ask ourselves, “How will this show go on without me?” This is important because we have to set ourselves up for when that time … Read More

No, Thrift Stores are Not Greedy, We Are

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Resellers on social media are accusing their thrift stores of being greedy because they’re raising the prices on their inventory. I used to think the same thing when I was roaming through my local Goodwill but then logic hit me.*Since this is a blog geared towards Poshmark, I will be discussing inventory in terms of clothes. Why Thrift Stores Exist … Read More

Yes, a Dymo Printer is Worth It

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This Is Not a Sponsored Post Dymo is not paying me for this post. With that said I do have an Amazon link for the Dymo that I make a small commission from if you do choose to use it. My Take On Dymo First and foremost I believe Dymo printers are wonderful products. Sure they jam from time to … Read More