The Importance of Time Blocks

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I’ve been using Time Blocks for the past 4 months now and I can’t express how much more productive it has made me. In this post, I will be discussing what are time blocks, how it has helped me and why you should add it to your arsenal of tools.Time BlocksWhile there are varying definitions of what time blocks are, … Read More

5 Steps to Improve Every Process

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You guys hear me talk about PROCESS all the time. In this post, I will be discussing my 5 steps for improvement in all aspects of my reselling process. Let me warn you…it’s really simple.Identify the ProcessWhat is it that you’re trying to improve?List the StepsAnd I mean EVERY stepEliminate a Step if PossibleScrutinize EVERY step and ask yourself is … Read More

Are You a Serious Reseller or a Hobbyist?

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In reselling, I believe you’re either a serious reseller or you’re a hobbyist. The funny part is, everyone thinks they get to decide which one out of the two they are. The problem with that is  EVERYONE can claim they’re a serious reseller, and they would be right if we’re going off of that standard. Hopefully, you caught the major … Read More

How to Print Multiple Labels on a Dymo 4XL

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If you have a Dymo 4XL printer, then I assume you have a good amount of sales coming in consistently to justify purchasing such a printer. A fellow Posher asked me today how I get the labels to print out back-to-back while hers was only printing out one-by-one. Here’s how I do it.InstructionsThese instructions are for Mac but I think … Read More

How to Trade On Poshmark

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Trading on Poshmark has gotten really popular, or I assume it’s getting popular because I’ve been receiving so many Trade inquiries in the past month. Whether you agree with trading or not, it’s good to know how to do so just in case you FINALLY see that dress you’ve been looking for your whole life. This post will go over … Read More

Keep Buying Inventory

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List, List, List, is an important principle if you want to sell more. It’s really simple, you can’t sell what you didn’t list, duh! While some people choose to list less for whatever reason, I choose to make it my number 1 concern when it comes to my day-to-day activity as a reseller. With that being said, I realized yesterday … Read More

Sell So Much That a Case Won’t Ruin Your Day

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I’m not telling you to get sloppy with your listings or rude to your customers. I’m just encouraging you to get to a level where a return case, or two,  won’t phase you.What Happened Today2 cases were opened against me today. Whenever I do receive a case, it’s only just 1 per day max, so I guess today was a … Read More

You Can Turn It Off Now

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Really guys, how much is enough? How much more of the hauls, bolos, and what sold videos are you going to watch before you move on to something that will make you a better seller? I was guilty of it too in the beginning, but I realized how much information was just on repeat. Watching redundant videos thinking it will … Read More

Making $100,000 a Year on Poshmark

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To be clear, I’m talking about $100,000 AFTER Poshmark’s 20% fee. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you made $100,000 just because your sales said so, I’m talking about $100,000 gross profit before the cost of goods sold. Put differently, you need to make $125,000 just to walk away with the $100,000 number. Is it possible? Of course. Is it … Read More

How to Make a Stationary Backdrop

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I’ve been receiving a lot of requests on how to make the backdrops I use for shooting my products on Poshmark. I’ve built 3 of these for all my shooting stations:This is a quick tutorial on how to make one.SOME THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND: This backdrop will be leaned against a wall which adds more stability About 5 feet … Read More