You Can Turn It Off Now

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Really guys, how much is enough? How much more of the hauls, bolos, and what sold videos are you going to watch before you move on to something that will make you a better seller? I was guilty of it too in the beginning, but I realized how much information was just on repeat. Watching redundant videos thinking it will make you a better seller is like doing busy work to feel like you're actually being productive. Move on already, move onto something with more substance.

Understand Why These Things Exist

These types of content exist primarily for the view counts and self-gratification for the creators. These videos are easy to make and lacks any educational value. Don't get me wrong, they're fun to watch the first 10 times around but their marginal value to you as a seller drops dramatically for each video watched.

Haul videos? Who gives a damn what someone bought.
Bolo videos? Who's to say those items will exist where you're sourcing.
What Sold videos? This is the biggest joke. You're sitting around watching someone tell YOU what sold out of THEIR closet. How the hell is this relevant to you?

Why Do You Keep Giving Away Your Attention?

If your argument is you like to play these videos in the background while you're listing, let me let you in on a secret...there's A LOT of other content out there you could be consuming. Give any video from Michael Porter a shot. Hell, put on some Tony Robbins. These things will give you a bigger boost than any of the previously mentioned content can. 

I know some of you are thinking of all the ways you can justify continuing watching these videos. Whatever your excuse is, I would love to read about it in the comments so I can debunk them. Really, you're giving away too much of your attention to content that has no meat.

When I turned these things off and really got my ass out there and did my own research, I grew as a seller faster than ever. Mistakes were made and lessons were learned. I'm not saying you shouldn't learn from the mistakes of others, I'm just saying quit watching the same show on replay. I'm also not saying skip these creators' altogether, there's a lot of good content out there from the same people that brought you hauls, bolos and what sold videos. I'm just saying stay away from these types of videos. 

A Quick Example

To put it into perspective, you can look at a haul video as if it's an "Unboxing Video" because it's essentially a showing off segment. I honestly can do a 4-hour marathon of my version of a haul video showcasing 1,000's of items at a time but I know it won't provide any value, so I don't do it. Again, who gives a damn what anyone bought? What is available at the thrift stores you frequent it what you got to work with. They're not going to bring a St. John jacket from the back just because you saw it in a haul video the day before. 

Quit Following and Start Leading

When your browser history is filled with these types of content, you really have to ask yourself are you a leader or a follower? Leaders don't need to watch 10 "what sold" videos to get their minds working, followers do. Leaders consume content that will make them better, they don't watch something just because someone made it. 

Guys really, skip the hauls, bolos and what sold videos. If the creator has other content besides these, great, watch that! If they don't, simply move on. 

By the way, my content is not immune to this standard either. If you feel you don't get any value from my content, then move on. I mean that in the most respectful way.

7 Comments on “You Can Turn It Off Now”

  1. Thank youuuu! I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. I hate all those videos. Especially unboxing. Like seriously you were sent the box for FREE and asked to give a review. Of course you got the good stuff! ?

  2. I was guilty of this too!!! I would watch and watch YouTube on my TV, not laptop, my TV all day long. The only positive thing I basically learned was that each YouTube has access to different brands depending where they live. Then, the negatives were that I kept comparing myself, feeling bad for myself because I couldn’t find those brands, because I didn’t make all those sales that they talk about, and so on and so forth. I don’t watch them that much anymore, occasionally, I will watch one or two but the haul videos bore me to death now.

      1. Yes! There’s a posher on YouTube that I find particularly annoying. Every time there’s a new update in Poshmark, she makes a video and just reads off the app the letter or message that basically EVERYONE got. Seriously, how is that useful?

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