How to Cancel an Offer as a Seller

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The last offer you sent out got you looking like the pug above? Filled with regret and hopelessness?

We've all been there as sellers on Poshmark. You have an active offer but you want to retract it for whatever reason. Some of these reasons may be:

  • Your finger pressed the wrong digit
  • You're cross-listing and the item sold on a platform that's not Poshmark while you have an active offer for that item on Poshmark
  • You simply just regret the offer


Customer canceling their offer

Poshmark makes it easy for customers to cancel their offer so why can't we as resellers do it too? I'll get straight to the answer and will follow it up with my thoughts on Poshmark not making it easier for sellers to cancel an offer.

The Solution

Simply change the size of the item you have the active offer with. The offer will immediately cancel your offer to the customer. That's it!

Make sure to do it quick before the customer accepts your offer!

My Thoughts

Poshmark makes it easy for customers to cancel their offer so why can't they do the same for sellers?  I've read a few posts on Instagram where people accidentally offered the incorrect price and felt hopeless because they couldn't retract the offer. Seriously, why? I know they can make that option rather quickly because I've built e-commerce websites before and that's a really simple addon. My only guess is that Poshmark wants the transaction to go through so bad that they will capitalize on a sellers mistake. There's seriously no other reason behind not having this feature. Don't tell me they can't, the fact that they make it available for buyers means they can make it available for sellers too.

Poshmark needs to step back and understand that they need to make the sure both sides of the transaction is happy in the exchange. Of course they need to make money, I get that, but not having this feature clearly available for seller is just negligence on their end. It's a shame that we have to find a loophole to get something so simple done.

Poshmark if you're reading this, please add a "Cancel Offer" button for us sellers.


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