How to Find Stock Photos

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Some Preliminaries

- Since there are literally millions of pieces from thousands of brands, this post will not be comprehensive. I am happy to address specific cases in the comments section
- Not all pieces can be identified simply due to no stock photos being available
- I know Poshmark doesn't allow Stock Photos but it's a tool that really help makes a sale, until they regulate it, I'll keep using stock photos.
- Finding stock photos is almost like an art, especially when it comes to the more difficult or no well know brands. The more you do this the easier it will be.

A Helpful Tool

I've compiled a bunch of photos that you can use to identify certain aspects of a piece to better find the stock photo. The tool can be found here.

My Methods

Like with any problem, try the simpler solution first before moving onto the technical method. In other words, try Method 1 before you try Method 2.

Method 1

1. Does it have a care tag? If so, the care tag might contain the style code itself. The code can be listed as "Style #" or it might simply have the code itself written out. Sometimes the style code can be another separate tag that's somewhat near the style tag. Here are some examples:


2. Now type in your web browser, the brand name followed by the style code. You don't have to type in "Style #", the actual number is enough. An example:


3. Go to images and scroll down to look for your item. Sometimes the item might show up in another color. Hopefully, the website where the picture came from will have the item in your color. If not, it might have the official title or name of the piece.

4. If it does have the official name or title, take that information and do another search but replace the style code with the name. An example:


Hopefully you're able to find the stock photo with this first method since it's the more straightforward. Don't be intimidated by the steps, they're really intuitive and I probably explained it more than I should.

If you weren't able to find the photo, use the next method.

Method 2: The Scrambler

This method requires you to identify certain attributes about the piece. What I mean is when you look at the item, what pops out the most? Maybe it has bell sleeves, a keyhole, scoop neck, fringes, smocked, ect. In other words, you need something to start with to input into your search engine. Again, I made this tool here to help you identify the attributes. The more attributes you have the better.

With that said, you must also know what category the item falls in. This one is easy. Is it a skirt, jeans, blouse, tank, sweater? In other words, generally speaking, what category does this piece fall under?

I assume you already know the brand's name.

So far, we need 3 pieces of information:
1. Brand name
2. Category
3. Attributes

Since this method has no steps so to speak, I'll just explain it in short paragraphs along with an example.

Let's use this top by LNA as an example:


Initially looking at it, we know it's a top, you can argue that it's a tank top. It also has an ombre color detail and a destroyed neckline.

What you don't want to do is type in EVERYTHING about the piece. Just type the first 2 pieces of info including 1 attribute about the piece. So the 3 pieces of information would be as follow:

1. LNA
2. Top
3. Ombre

With that information you would type into your web browser:

LNA Top Ombre

And Voila! We were able to find the stock photo:


The search results for LNA Top Ombre using Google Chrome

I ended up with this photo to use as my cover photo:


Now it's not always going to be as simple as this piece was when using this method. Sometimes you have to add more than 1 attribute for the browser give you the results you want. 

Sometimes I even would go as far as to put in the material composition including the % when trying to find a difficult to find piece. You'd be surprised how well this method works.

Again, what you don't want to do is initially start putting in every keyword and attribute you can think. Add one in, take one out until you get the results you want. 

Now It's Your Turn

As I stated at the beginning of this post, finding the stock photo is almost like an art that you will only get better at the more you do it. At this point, I can even find stock photos of an item that doesn't even have a brand tag. I have no doubt that you'll be able to do the same when you do this long enough.

Lastly, this guide is just that, a guide. I hope you will find this as a good starting point and over time adding your own techniques here and there to make it your own.

As always, if you guys have any questions just leave a comment.

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  1. Thank you so much. That one little tip will increase my closet and hopefully my sales when I return from an extended vacation.

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