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Lavender is my take on an online thrift store BEFORE I actually embark on a physical one. This is not to say that this project is temporary; if we post consistent profits then Lavender will be around for good.

Lavender is NOT a reseller store, although if there's money to be made on the reselling of Lavender products, I'm not here to stop anyone. I want to make this clear because I don't want resellers to think this website is strictly for resellers. My primary goal is to have items at prices that will result in a quick sale while making a decent profit. The pricing of Lavender does not take into the reselling aspect of an item.

I had to build an entirely new platform for this project instead of using Poshmark (or any other platform) because I didn't want Lavender's pricing to affect other resellers. By doing so, I'll have almost autonomy to do as I please without having other resellers think I'm out to sabotage them and their business.

And yes, we're still going to be active on Poshmark, that's my first love.

I wrote this small post to answer a popular question I've been receiving about Lavender. I hope you stick around to see this project manifest.

- Dani

10 Comments on “Why Lavender”

  1. You are very strong women with bold statement of your mind set, I am really take your positive to improve my life,
    Thank you that I came across you.

  2. Love your new baby – Lavender! Just dropped about $300 on items for my own reselling babies (PM, Mercari, eBay)! Your launch could not have happened at a better time – in Denver, our stores are still not open so now I can safely stay at home and list a whole new batch of beautiful items. Thank you!

    1. Finally, I have a little time to respond to comments!!! Thanks, Lavender’s opening was amazing and it’s still kicking my butt till this day but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Yes, sadly the thrift stores over in my area is still closed…

  3. You are such an inspiration! As a Latina, I am so proud of you and your accomplishments. Way to go girl! and congratulations on your new baby coming soon!

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