Where is the News Coming From?

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So I've been hearing that some people are out there are trying to slander myself and PrettiBone. I'll keep this short so my team and I can get back to work.

1. Ask yourself where and who are you getting your information from. Is it from a source that has a vested interest in an agenda that they're trying push or are they unbiased? More importantly, why are they pushing so hard? We hear about fake news in politics every day and I can assure you that this takes place even in a confined place like the Poshmark community.

2. It's easy for someone to take a shot at PrettiBone because of our reach and how many interactions we have with so many people. BUT it's difficult for me to take the same exact shot back because I will be deemed as a bully that's using my weight and influence to suppress someone that's smaller.

3. Please don't for a one-second feel that I'm going to continuously sit back and take the badmouthing. So the day that I do respond, don't think that I'm overreacting in any way. I'm just defending a company that my team and I have spent so much time and effort building. I also want to say that my response will not be deemed fair because I will use what I have in my arsenal to issue a response.

Thanks for sticking with me and for those sending me information about what people are saying, thanks! I love collecting information on people that have smart things to say about me and PrettiBone.

I have nothing but love for everyone trying to make it, but when they're trying to tear down others to do so, I'm not going to stand for that.

That's just not how the game is played.

As for me and my team, we'll continue to make magic happen.

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