Welp, This Needs to Be Addressed

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It's been brought up to my attention that some of us are not liking the fact that I'm still shipping and doing business during these times. 

The problem with this is that NOBODY has asked me personally how I'm still able to make it happen because in their eyes, I'm putting my staff at risk. Again, NOBODY asked me. People just went ahead and made up their own assumptions about how I'm conducting my business during these hard times.

Let's Start From the Top

As you can see from my Instagram posts, I put almost everything on hold for almost 5 days to map out how I was going to make sure that EVERYONE that works for me was going to get paid (exhibit A). But I'm sure that wasn't even taken into consideration. We came up with the conclusion that everyone would have to list from home (even if they're not listers) to keep staff out of the office. This allowed for us to bump up our listings fairly quickly (I even made a post about this, exhibit B) since there were more listers. This method allowed for my guys to keep working remotely and for them to continue getting paid. I'm proud to say, NOBODY in from my warehouse staff has been laid off and everyone is still getting paid till this day using this method.

Currently, we do not ship on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (the box stack picture is posted today, Saturday the 28th, a.k.a. shipping day, exhibit C) because I'm trying to reduce the days my shipper has to be at the warehouse. This staggering of the days also allows for my shipper to have more time to ship orders without overworking himself since there's nobody to help. And who is my shipper you ask? My boyfriend that I live and share an apartment with is my only shipper at the moment, he is my current "crew". He's the same guy you've seen helping out in some of my videos. Due to my pregnancy (exhibit D), he had to step up and take over what manual labor is needed to be done because I can no longer lift 30-40lbs bins constantly. I'm mainly at home making random videos with my daughter or cooking (if you follow my personal account, you would know) and only come into the office on Wednesdays and Saturdays to make sure everything is in tip-top shape.

Again, NOBODY asked me how I was pulling this off but that's ok. What's not ok is for people to make assumptions when they're basing it off of an Instagram post. Seriously, must I run down my meeting minutes with my team and give the public a play-by-play on what we're about to do? Really?

Let's not also forget that I made the announcement that everything would be on hold until further notice hours before the March 19th California "Stay at home order" was established (exhibit E). In other words, I took the necessary precautions to stop everything as soon as I can to adapt to the changes.

But I do want to raise a good question...Why is it ok for others to continue to sell on Poshmark when I'm doing the same thing yet I'm the one getting the flak for it. Is there some double-standard rule that I should be aware of? I wasn't aware that there was a mandatory Vacation Hold going on on Poshmark at the moment.

Simply put, people are basing my actions off of 1 post with no context. I'm just responding with proof that is timestamped. Please read that again...PROOF THAT IS TIMESTAMPED.

Will I get an apology, probably not, but please let me know where I'm wrong after you've heard my side of the story. 

I'm sure with all the information coming at everyone nowadays, people will still take the first story and run with it as if it's the truth. Where I'm from, that's called Fake News.

Anyway, here are the exhibits with timestamps, enjoy:


Exhibit A: Note the date gap


Exhibit B: Note the date


Exhibit C: The post causing all this drama


Exhibit D: Yup, belly checks out


Exhibit E: This was a deleted post (posted on March 19th I believe) since it no longer had relevance. Remember this?


Here is a post (also timestamped) from my Facebook that tells you exactly where I stand with the Coronavirus situation. Today is the 28th of March for your reference. Thanks for hearing me out.

- Dani


7 Comments on “Welp, This Needs to Be Addressed”

  1. Hi Danielle!

    That person lives for IG drama. I actually have no idea how I saw that post from her and I typed her something and then didn’t press send because I remembered I’m staying in my lane in 2020. I’m sure you didn’t concern yourself with her drama but she has had a ton lately. It was in poor taste. We all need money and work. I wouldn’t waste another minute of this too short life justifying yourself. You’ll never come out ahead when those who can’t do what you do resort to slamming you. Stay well mama.



      1. She drummed up a lot of activity on IG by doing that. I firmly believe it is calculated. No one has that much time in real life without some type of benefit. I barely have time to pee. ?

  2. You need to block the trolls ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️… you don’t need to explain anything to anyone! What’s wrong with people these days… jealousy gets the best of them… ??‍♀️?☘️? take care and be well! ?

  3. I cant believe you had to leave receipts!

    I really don’t see why people care. There are lots of companies still operating during this time. Families that work at these company’s are able to keep food on their tables. I have the upmost respect for companies that do their TRUE due diligence to insure there staff is safe and able to still bring in an income during this uncertain time.

    There is so much more I can say but truth is when you look at the big picture people who are not selling right now are jealous that you are still able to have stacks on shipping day.

    I wont lie I follow your instagram because it motivates me. Am I human yes, are there days when I know I have not hit my goal for the day, week or month due to my lack of commitment YES FOR SURE and your post make me upset with myself for not giving it my all, of course. (All of those things are my problem no one eles).

    However, those same post give me a swift kick in the butt to remind me that I CAN DO IT, don’t ever give up and keep pushing toward my business and personal goals and dreams.

    So PLEASE keep posting because I know they help me and I am not the only one out here you are encouraging.

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