Making the Most of a Hard Time

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Well damn...I didn't know the world was going to come to the end in my lifetime.

I'm only kidding.

I know the COVID-19 situation has everyone on edge but don't lose focus on what you can do during these times to prepare for when life is normal again. My #1 advice of "Keep Listing" is now demoted to #2. The new champion is to take care of yourself and your loved ones first before anything else. Whether it's getting the supplies you need or staying in to quarantine, do what's right for everyone around you to stay healthy first and foremost. I know this sounds like common sense but let's not forget that many of us rely on reselling as our primary or sole source of income.

This situation puts those that rely on reselling for a living to make some tough decisions that can have long term effects. I'll be honest with you, PrettiBone is still making our usual sales and it's all because of our actions prior to the pandemic. Listing as much as we can as many days as you can have allowed us to literally take 2 years off from listing and still expect to make the same amount of sales that we're making before COVID-19. Every single person from my core team is still working and still getting paid and I'm really lucky to say we're doing fine on the business level. If you think I'm making this point to brag, you got it all wrong. I'm just pointing out how important it is for people in the reselling business to stick to the script during good and bad times. I've also made this point time and time again and I know I'm sounding like a broken record but there's a reason why this has always been my #1 (temporarily #2) point.

My point is a little scattered so allow me to rephrase it...

1. Worry about yours and your loved one's health and supplies first
2. If you rely on reselling as a primary or sole income, make it your second priority to continue listing

The short term benefits of #2 might be non-existent right now but it will make sense down the road.

I'm not saying any of this to instill fear into anyone. I know the human race will survive this and to be fair, a lot of information about COVID-19 has been blown out of proportion or is just simply false. This leads me to my final point...

Stay off of the TV and listen to the CDC instead.

Be safe out there everyone and remember, Humanity requires us to be Human.


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