It’s True: Some People Want You to Do Well…

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But Not Better Than Them

You've probably seen this quote before and so have I. It's only now that I truly realized what this means personally. This way of thinking is so detrimental for those that fall in this toxic mindset but that's just how some people are.

I came into reselling with 0 followers and 0 support from the reselling community but I don't blame anyone because, for the most part, you don't have a voice when first starting out. As my sales/operation/following grew, I started to gain support from so many random folks and I'm grateful. The funny thing is, as you get bigger relative to others that have this mindset, the light starts to get dimmer. People that were rooting for you before become a distant foe. 

Here's an Example

Before I moved into my warehouse that I'm currently in, I told I was on the right track. I was told that I was setting a good example for those that aspire to either sell full-time. But when I decided to take the leap to put down the $6,360 deposit for my warehouse, things started to get blurry. This is not to say that I began to have doubts about my decision, this is to say the same supporters became critics. This makes no sense to me because the reselling community was supposed to be a place where support is everywhere and limitless. I'm not trying to sound sentimental or naive, but I truly thought the majority of us would rally behind progress no matter the source.

Here's a Doozy

If you don't know by now, I do a lot of giveaways for not just my clients but for the general public. These giveaways are not cheap (think $5,000+ at a time) and I'm always happy to pull off such giveaways as my way of giving back to my supporters. By now, I'm sure you're not surprised when I say that some people criticize me for doing these giveaways. Really?

I'm Not a Victim

I'm not saying any of this for anyone to feel any sympathy for me, trust me, I'm not a victim. I'm never the victim. I actually find it REALLY funny when some accuse me of playing the victim because of the support I get when someone has shaded me. I've said this before and this will make me sound narcissistic but my team and I are stronger than what we lead many to believe; the iceberg is real over here. Forget playing checkers and chess, we're inventing our own game, a game that we engineered for us to win. We don't need or ever needed a following to know what our team is capable of. The support we do get is just the cherry on top and I'm truly grateful for that support.

My only way of proving this is to keep moving forward and I advise anyone that empathize wish this post to do the same. Watch those around you, this includes not just people in the reselling community but also your friends and family. Read their love/hate and act accordingly.


I find inspiration from resellers that are truly kicking ass no matter where we rank. It's OK to admire someone that's doing what you're striving to do; put your ego aside and you might find clues in their success. For me, Linda's Stuff has been my biggest inspiration since I've started. Even though I've expressed that my team is strong, I doubt I'll ever be on her level ($25,000,000+/year). This is not to say I'm not going to try, this is to say people like her keeps me humbled and grounded because there's always a beast out there that's bigger and badder than you. The fact that I'm still moving forward is proof to myself that this is not a competition, if it was, Linda is already the winner and I might as well hang my hat up. As far as clues in her success goes, you'll find some similarities between us that I've emulated thanks to her.

Leave the damn hate/jealousy behind. Carrying that kind of baggage is a direct violation of you trying to be your personal best.


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