Best Thing to Do When Sales Are Slow

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Things I Won't Be Talking About

I won't be discussing the things that many of you have already heard you should do when sales are slow. This list includes:

  • Relisting your items (which I don't recommend)
  • Sharing your closet over and over again
  • Sharing other people's closets
  • Sending out offers
  • Reshooting your photos

Although these are the top things that people do when things are slow because they heard it from someone else, I don't think this is the way to go.

What's Wrong With These Tips

The tips and advice like those listed above are inherently wrong because they're all reactive not proactive. Think about it, the slow day or slump already happened, why would you go after a falling knife. Accept it and work on something that will have a positive long term affect instead.

I want to note that a slump or slow day by definition is temporary. If you've been experiencing a slump or a slow day for 6 months now, then there are bigger problems at hand. Don't worry, I'll discuss that in another post.

Understand This

I can't prove it but I don't think anyone is immune to a slump or slow sale day. What everyone defines as a slow sale day is different so first ask yourself what do you consider a slow day is to you. For some people, a 2 order sales day is considered a slow day while for others it's 20. It's all relative really. A trick I use, however, has nothing to do with how many sales I got that day. As weird as it sounds, it comes down to my gut telling me that it was a slow day. I know, there is nothing scientific about this technique but hopefully, some of you can probably relate. 

What You Should Do Instead

When a slow day or slump hits, take a step back. Literally, step away from your computer or phone and really think. What I want you to think about requires you to accept blame for this slow day or slump. I really don't care if the slump or slow day came naturally. I just need you to understand that you do have control of mitigating the chances of a slow slump or a slow day from happening. 

Think of it this way, any one of us can get into a car crash but some of us are more likely to get into one due to our actions. Maybe we were texting, driving intoxicated, driving too fast, ect. But you can mitigate the chances of an accident if you take the proper precautions. The operating word here is mitigate. You will NEVER be able to reduce the chances of you getting into an accident to 0% but you can do things to lower that risk. And when you accept blame for the slow day or slump, you're taking control of the situation rather than being pushed around by it.

What You Should Be Thinking Of

Process, you need to think about your process. Nothing will have a longer effect on your Poshmark journey than your process. Think about it, sending out "offers" only last for 24 hours but and improved process continues beyond the life of the slump.

Here are some suggestions:
Are you shooting pictures in the most effective way?
Are you spending too much time doing a certain task?
Is shipping taking too long?
Is sourcing becoming a 4-hour trip that eats too much of your time and energy?

The list goes on and on but if you spend the slow days tweaking your process little by little, you'll eventually find the most efficient way to do everything when it comes to Poshmark. 

I understand this is sorta vague because we all have our own ways of doing things and obviously I can't write 1000 variations of this blog for everyone. What I can say is for you to truly harness the benefits of this exercise, quit thinking that your way is the right way. Question everything you do and ask yourself are you doing it in the most effective way. If you have a friend that's also a Poshmark seller, ask them to grade your process, just make sure they're blunt and truthful. 

An Anecdote

I had a slow day once, so I took my own medicine and stepped back to look at my current process. By dissecting how I was shooting my inventory with an objective eye, I was able to shave off 2/3 of the time it took me to shoot. Yes, 2/3, you're just gonna have to take my word for it. 

The main takeaway here is that I was able to take a slow day and played it in my favor. This new process of shooting goes way beyond that single slow day and will have a lasting effect on my process. If I do this enough times, I will eventually get to a point where I don't think I can improve any further. But in the back of my mind I know there's always room for improvement.

What You Shouldn't Do

Please, whatever you do, don't take the "feel good" advice. There are people out there that are suggesting for you to feel grateful for what you already have or to feel complete because you're already enough. That's not how a person grows, you have to tweak and test whenever possible.

I highly suggest for you to do this on a slow day or during a slump because it's so much more rewarding when you find a breakthrough when you're at a low.

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