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Buy Back Your Time

When you're spending time doing redundant tasks such as sharing, you're losing a lot more than you realize when opportunity cost is factored in. With Valet by PrettiBone, you'll unlock a new level of efficiency when these tasks are taken off your plate.

Just Keep Listing

Please use your freed-up time wisely. We suggest you use a bulk of this time to continually source and list. Listing is the most beneficial thing you can do for your closet as far as sales go.

No Contracts

Why would we have a contract if we know you'll keep coming back? Valet is a monthly service that you can cancel within the first 7 days of every month for a full refund if you're not satisfied.

What Valet is not?

Although we believe that Valet is a high-quality service, Valet, however, is NOT a miracle worker. This means it will only work as hard as you do. It is expected for you keep up with your listings to see actual growth in your account. Please do not join Valet under the assumption that no other work is required on your end for your account to grow.

Why Valet

Valet is provided by PrettiBone, a Poshmark account that has surpassed everyone's expectations.

Started on August 23, 2018
Units Sold to date

Valet is not here to bombard you with any useless fluff. Valet is here to make you sales...period. 

1st Month Timeline


Oh yeah, Perks!

Free Inventory

- At Least 5 Pieces
- NWT and NWOT
- Total MSRP > $160
- Free Shipping
- For every month you're signed up


- Exclusive to Valet Clients
- Will involve Cash or Prizes