Poshmark Sales Sheet

Use this spreadsheet to quickly track your sales.

1. This sheet is good for up to 2000 items.
2. Make sure you delete the sample data and input your own.
3. This spreadsheet is optimized for Google Sheets. If you don't have Google Sheets, it's a free download on Google. 
4. Enjoy


PrettiBone's 1 Year Listing Goal Sheet

Use this sheet to track your listing for 1 entire year. This sheet uses the exact 1%/2% method that I use to list as much as I do. In other words, the goal is to list 2% of your current active listing  number every day and sell 1% of your current active listing number every day. If you stick to the "End" number as much as possible, you will have more listings than you thought you could've by this time next year.


If you're having problems with any of the Downloads, please email me at contact@prettibone.com