I Have No Paid Courses To Sell You...Ever

This does not mean that I find the people that do sell course to be greedy or immoral in any sense. I completely understand why they would like to monetize on what they know, I just see it differently. And I know that once I make this viewpoint public, I can never go back on it.

I've benefited so much from the Poshmark platform in such a short amount of time that I feel it's only right for me to teach others. Not to be sentimental or anything but one of the most rewarding thing you can do as a human being is to teach others and I don't mind doing it for free.

I know that everything I'm writing about and the hours I spend to make this page should come back to me in some monetary way but I will never take the course selling route. Also, don't think that since you're not paying for all of this information means I'm holding back any "secrets". I literally built a forum under "Community" for you guys to ask more or ask eachother anything and all I ask is for everyone that is benefiting from it to pitch in. The only thing, however, that I will hold back is my supplier but I'm sure you understand why.

So How Do I Make Money From This?

My Longterm Goal For This Blog

Here are some of the ways I make money from this Blog:

1. Getting you guys to click on "PrettiBone's Closet" in hopes of you buying some items I have for sale on Poshmark.

2. Services. Obviously if something requires my undivided attention, I will have to put a price on it. Services can include sharing your closet, private consultation or other things I can't think of at the moment.

3. Clothes I have for sale that I don't specialize in may be added in the future on this blog.

4. Sponsorships.

Straight up:
- I want this blog to be the first place you think of when you want answers to your Poshmark questions.
- I want PrettiBone to by synonymous with Poshmark in the next couple of years
- I want this blog to be the first place you recommend for those that are new to Poshmark
- I want the "Community" forum to be the most active forum pertaining to Poshmark
- I want PrettiBone to have its own brand of women's clothes
- Lastly, want PrettiBone to get a line deal with a major clothing retailer/brand, holla at me ya'll

To Conclude

Simply put, I strive to provide you guys with so much value in hopes of you guys sticking around long enough to see PrettiBone grow into my grand vision. Again, my monetizing methods are of no obligation to anyone. I hope this is a fair tradeoff.

To be clear, there is nothing wrong with selling courses but I will NEVER sell you one. I make enough already off my Poshmark closet alone and that's more than what I can ask for. As much as a bash Poshmark here and there, I don't forget for one minute how lucky I am to have a successful closet on this platform. With that said, if someone is saying they're doing something similar to this blog because they want to better the Poshmark community, ask yourself what they're really selling you because some of these courses are filled with information you can get for free online.

Lastly, me writing this is not a way for me to signal to you guys that I'm "holy". I just want my readers to enjoy my content without thinking in the back of their minds "ok, so when is she going to sell me something?"

Good luck you guys and enjoy your stay here.

- Dani