What to Do with Clothes You Can’t Sell?

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Reselling clothes is all fun and games until you realized there’s inventory that’s been sitting around for months or in some cases even years. So what are some ways you can get rid of this inventory?Understand This UpfrontYou have to first accept that you’re more than likely to end up at a loss when trying to get rid of unsold/stale … Read More

Hate to Break it to Ya, We All Work for Poshmark

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Let Me Explain Before all the Poshbosses Get MadI understand at first glance it might seem that every seller on Poshmark is their own “boss” but let’s look at this pragmatically. I bring this up because the sooner you accept this, the sooner you’ll plan accordingly to set yourself up to one day breaking away from the platform just in … Read More

Why Quantity of Listings Matter…A Lot

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Does having more items get you more sales? Should you have fewer items with higher margin or more items with lower margins? Luckily there’s an in between area and that’s where I like to be.2 Schools, 1 GoalOn the surface, there seems to be to groups that you can divide Poshmark sellers in.1. Low Listings/High Margins2. High Listings/Low Margins I … Read More

How to Find Stock Photos

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Some Preliminaries- Since there are literally millions of pieces from thousands of brands, this post will not be comprehensive. I am happy to address specific cases in the comments section- Not all pieces can be identified simply due to no stock photos being available- I know Poshmark doesn’t allow Stock Photos but it’s a tool that really help makes a … Read More

Poshmark’s 20% Fee…is it Fair?

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First, the Fees BreakdownTo get everyone up to speed, Poshmark’s fees are broken down as such (May 2019):1. Anything below $15 has a fixed fee of $2.952. Anything above $15 has a 20% feeThe $2.95 FeeItems sold for $3-$14 are hit with a fixed $2.95 commission fee. Note that the minimum you can sell an item for is $3 and … Read More

The Future of Poshmark for Sellers

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Where Poshmark is at TodayAs of this writing (May 7, 2019), Poshmark’s platform gets about 20,400,000 website visits a month. When I first started in late August 2018 (about 9 months ago), the number was roughly around 18 million. This growth, as you probably know, is driven by the increased trend in reselling secondhand fashion. The secondhand market is estimated … Read More

Should You Accept Lowball Offers?

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My Short AnswerWith a few exceptions, I do not condone accepting lowball offers. It’s not good for your pocketbook and it’s definitely not good for the Poshmark platform in the long run.Some PreliminariesIf you haven’t done so, read this about why you’re receiving lowball offers in the first place. Since there are so many sellers with so many items, the … Read More

Why Do I Keep Receiving Lowball Offers?

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What is a Lowball Offer?I would define a lowball offer as an offer that’s not just lower than the market price for an item, but dramatically lower. This is a little confusing because market price and “dramatically lower” needs to be defined. I would define market price as simply the comparative price of a similar style item of the same … Read More