Some of Us Want It Too Soon

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I’ve seen this mentality a lot but lately, I’ve been seeing more and more when  I look through the lens of social media. Wanting everything too soon is the new trend nowadays when it comes to reselling. Wanting all the sales, profits, attention and followers has become the norm now. Note the order of these 4 wants, this is important … Read More

Umm…What Happened to the Inventory Portal?

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What happened to the Inventory Portal? YOU guys happened to the Inventory Portal! But seriously, there were on average of 13 orders a day 1 week after we opened it up to the public. While that number might seem small, when you multiply it with an average of 30 pieces an order, things start to get out of hand. That … Read More

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate…

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There’s no way PrettiBone could’ve gotten to where it’s at without the power of delegating. When everything is broken down, there are more than 50 tasks, that have to be done every day. Here are just a few: Shipping Poshmark eBay Shopify Packing Poshmark eBay Shopify Emails Contact emails Valet emails Instagram Posts Messages Comments Listing Poshmark eBay Shopify Supplies buying Sorting Damages repair Shooting Photos Inventory Box Packing Steaming Inventory Buying Shipment … Read More

What’s Your Exit Strategy With Reselling?

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None of us will ever get younger. As we grow with age, we have to ask ourselves how are we going to wind down. As a reseller, it’s tough because we will have to one day ask ourselves, “How will this show go on without me?” This is important because we have to set ourselves up for when that time … Read More

No, Thrift Stores are Not Greedy, We Are

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Resellers on social media are accusing their thrift stores of being greedy because they’re raising the prices on their inventory. I used to think the same thing when I was roaming through my local Goodwill but then logic hit me.*Since this is a blog geared towards Poshmark, I will be discussing inventory in terms of clothes.Why Thrift Stores ExistContrary to … Read More

Yes, a Dymo Printer is Worth It

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This Is Not a Sponsored PostDymo is not paying me for this post. With that said I do have an Amazon link for the Dymo that I make a small commission from if you do choose to use it.My Take On DymoFirst and foremost I believe Dymo printers are wonderful products. Sure they jam from time to time but I’m … Read More

Best Thing to Do When Sales Are Slow

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Things I Won’t Be Talking AboutI won’t be discussing the things that many of you have already heard you should do when sales are slow. This list includes: Relisting your items (which I don’t recommend) Sharing your closet over and over again Sharing other people’s closets Sending out offers Reshooting your photos Although these are the top things that people … Read More

Don’t Waste Your Money On Fancy Packaging

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EVERY dollar in the reselling game counts! I’m not exaggerating, you can literally turn $1 into $10, $20 or more just by visiting Goodwill on their $1 Days. This post is an interesting one because there are only 2 ways to go about it when it comes to the packaging on Poshmark. Either you spend money on it or you … Read More

The Inevitable Decline of Goodwill Bins

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Go ahead and get all the hate and steam out. Some of you already feel irritated just off the title alone. After you’re done, we can get started on the defense of my thesis. You’re good? Alright, let’s start.Let me first say that this topic deserves more than a post but I’m going to try to get through this quickly … Read More

Why Are My Items Not Selling?

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1 month goes by, 2 months passes and then 1 season wraps ups and…crickets. The item you thought would sell in days if not a week has been sitting for months. You did everything in your power to set this item up for success and now it’s just taking up valuable storage room. Let’s go through some possible reasons as … Read More