Why Lavender

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Lavender is my take on an online thrift store BEFORE I actually embark on a physical one. This is not to say that this project is temporary; if we post consistent profits then Lavender will be around for good. Lavender is NOT a reseller store, although if there’s money to be made on the reselling of Lavender products, I’m not … Read More

It’s True: Some People Want You to Do Well…

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But Not Better Than ThemYou’ve probably seen this quote before and so have I. It’s only now that I truly realized what this means personally. This way of thinking is so detrimental for those that fall in this toxic mindset but that’s just how some people are. I came into reselling with 0 followers and 0 support from the reselling … Read More

Multiple Platforms, is it a Good Idea?

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This week, I received a question about selling on more than 1 platform, more specifically, eBay and Poshmark simultaneously. This question was asked because the person was not doing as well on eBay as they were on Poshmark. My take is on this is a pragmatic one. Note: Since I’m in the business of selling clothes, this post will revolve … Read More

Welp, This Needs to Be Addressed

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It’s been brought up to my attention that some of us are not liking the fact that I’m still shipping and doing business during these times.  The problem with this is that NOBODY has asked me personally how I’m still able to make it happen because in their eyes, I’m putting my staff at risk. Again, NOBODY asked me. People … Read More

Making the Most of a Hard Time

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Well damn…I didn’t know the world was going to come to the end in my lifetime.I’m only kidding.I know the COVID-19 situation has everyone on edge but don’t lose focus on what you can do during these times to prepare for when life is normal again. My #1 advice of “Keep Listing” is now demoted to #2. The new champion is to take care … Read More

Where is the News Coming From?

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So I’ve been hearing that some people are out there are trying to slander myself and PrettiBone. I’ll keep this short so my team and I can get back to work.1. Ask yourself where and who are you getting your information from. Is it from a source that has a vested interest in an agenda that they’re trying push or … Read More

Nordstrom and Others Getting into Second Hand

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Welp, this just got interesting! The news came out not so long ago Nordstrom and other retailers (Macy’s, JCPenny, Dillard’s) are getting into the second-hand clothing market. You can read it here. At first, this just seems weird but as the times and markets are changing, companies have to shift their strategies. Although this will breed more competition for us … Read More

Unfreeze Your Money

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While it’s OK to accumulate a huge collection of clothes to sell when it comes to reselling, you still have to know your limits. This can go south real fast when you finally realize how much money is just sitting dormant in your bins or shelves. This collection somehow just creeps up on you overnight it seems like. Here’s what … Read More

The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing Series: 2. The Law of Category

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This is Part 2 of my The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing Series.The Law of CategoryThis law is easily one of my favorites from the book because of how it closely relates to my strong belief in differentiation.Since starting a new category is difficult and time-consuming, it’s more practical to ask yourself how can you do the same thing differently. Of … Read More

The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing Series: 1. The Law of Leadership

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The Law of LeadershipYou guys know how much I LOVE good non-fiction books. I know a lot of us either don’t have the time or patience to finish a book from cover-to-cover, so I’ve decided to do something new. In this series of blog posts, I will be breaking down one of my favorite books of all time by Al … Read More